Motivation Tips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

introduction to Motivation

motivation, what a word, it describes someone who is full of energy, who really wants to do something or who is eager to do it. When you become motivated you won't feel bored of working for long hours, you wont get bored while working out your muscles nor you will quit something midway leaving it uncompleted.

The problem with lack of motivation

Lack of motivation is one big reason that could make your life an unhappy one. Without being motivated you are less likely to achieve anything and you will find that your peers are excelling while you are standing still. When you compare yourself to them you may even become depressed.

even if you were strong enough to force your way without feeling motivated still you won't be enjoying what you are doing and you may find that all of your life activities becoming painful.

what's the cause behind lack of motivation?

what could cause lack of motivation? there are lots of reasons that may be behind your lack of motivation. Some of those reasons are, not having goals or written plans, being unable to see the future reward of what you are doing , lack of a burning desire, feeling indifferent and depression.

some people become motivated at the beginning of a new project or a new activity then their motivation fades away Gradually until they quit midway. They start very energetic then suddenly lose interest and quit .

Motivation, indifference, and depression

Do you know what indifference is? Indifference is the emotion you experience when you believe that what you are currently doing wont help you reach your important goals.

Indifference means that you have important goals but that you don't trust the methods you are following. Depression on the other hand is the state you reach when you find that there is no hope at all in getting what you want.

Motivation and burning desire

Some people get motivation wrong by believing that they must be motivated to do any task that they want to do even if it was not important to them.

In fact you wont become motivated before you have a burning desire to do something. There is a common question that i get from the website readers where people tell me that they don't know what they want in life. I usually replying telling them that knowing what they don't want in life can be enough to motivate them and to let them find out what they want.

What do you hate about your life? once you find out what you don't want you will easily find out what you want.

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did that help?

I don't have any goals nor written plans, what's the problem?

I am unable to see the future reward

Motivation and the lack of need

Depression and motivation

i am feeling indifferent, what to do?

yeah you are right , I quit midway , what to do!!

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