Motivation and Goal Setting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Motivation and Goal Setting

If you don't have a goal to go after then why will you bother do any effort?
why would your subconscious mind bother to send you motivation signals if it found that there is no reason for doing so?

If you are going to sacrifice some of your resources like your time or your money then you must have a big reason to do it else you won't be motivated at all.

what's the problem with having no goals?

Not having any goals is the worst thing that can happen to you. Some people commit suicide because they don't know what to do here and as a result feel lost.

When you set goals your life becomes challenging, full of events and joy (if you reached them).

people who set goals, control the life of others years later

A research was done on a sample of people and it was found that only 3 percent of people plan for the future and set goals. What was found is that those 3 percent controlled the life of the other 97% percent years later on.

For example, if only one person was thinking about becoming the team leader inside the department he works at while the others didn't bother to think about it then he will control their lives later on.

If that person managed to become the team leader he will then set the working schedule for the whole team, he will determine the number of hours they will work and the number of days they should work!!

That person is now controlling a big part of their lives!!! The same goes anywhere else, your boss controls a part of your life, the CEO controllers a bigger part, the president of your country influences almost everything in your life.

It was been found that people who have written goals are much more motivated than those who don't have plans at all, simply because on writing your plan you are telling your subconscious mind that you are serious about doing that activity and so it will help you by motivating you.

Life purpose, goal setting and happiness

People who don't have any goals usually find their life meaningless. I am sure you heard the term "finding my life purpose before". Because the people who set no goals have nothing to fight for they feel that their life has no purpose.

Studies found that people who have goals and who fight for them are generally happier than those who don't have any goals.

We all have needs and that's why it's incorrect to say that you don't have any goals. Yes i know that there is nothing in your mind right now but this doesn't mean that you don't have any needs. You just need to find a way to discover your needs then set goals to fulfill them.

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