How to motivate myself to work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to motivate myself to work

How many times have you found yourself lacking motivation even though you had a lot of work to finish?
How many times you wanted to complete a task but never found any motivation??

When it comes to work or doing a task lots of people get motivation wrong and that's why they find themselves feeling indifferent.

One of the very important questions you should ask yourself if you are not motivated to work is "do i think that my work is going to bring me the benefits i am going after?"

The main reason i asked you to ask yourself this questions is that the number one reason for indifference and lack of motivation is thinking that the task you are going to do won't help you achieve your important goals.

Everyday many people search for tips to motivate themselves to work without realizing that the problem may be that they are in the wrong place!! I am not asking you to change your job but at least you must find out whether your job is aligned with your important goals or not.

Motivating yourself to work using a powerful drive

If you are still not motivated to work even though you know that your current job can help you reach your goals then read the following few lines.

suppose you were in a camp in the forests of Africa and while walking between the tress you suddenly heard a roar behind you only to discover that a lion is heading towards you.

what are you going to do? of course you will run like you have never ran before even if you were tired , the weather was bad or even if you haven't eaten anything since the morning.

The main reason you were motivated to run is that you didn't want to die. This powerful drive gave you enough energy to forget about all the laziness you have and focus on one thing which is running.

The good news is that you can use the same concept to motivate yourself to work. If you tried to visualize the consequences that might happen as a result of not working you will become motivated to move away from these consequences.

However i want you to be careful while using negative motivation because unless you know your way out you might end up feeling depressed. For example if you kept visualizing yourself being fired without knowing what to do to get promoted then the negative motivation will work against you.

Use your unmet needs to motivate yourself to work

We all have unmet needs. finding your own unmet needs is the key to motivating yourself.
For example if you found that you suffer from financial insecurity then you can easily guess that a low paying job will not motivate you as a high paying one.

Even if you can't find a high paying job you can still motivating yourself to work by finding a low paying job that can allow you to get promoted if you worked harder.

Motivation is all about understanding your unmet needs then using them against yourself properly.

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