how to motivate someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to motivate someone


What came to your mind when you read the word ICE out loud? most probably different thoughts and things that are related to this word jumped into your mind quickly.

Your mind is just like a large computer that has billions of folders, once you access a folder you can reach all the resources inside it very easily. When you read the word Ice you accessed the folder that has all related information to the word ICE according to your own past experience. You might have found there ice cream, polar bear, cold water or even skating.

So what does this this has to do with motivating someone?
Actually It has a lot to do, just read further.

Why do motivational songs motivate people?

Motivational songs can't give you something that you don't have, they don't motivate you by introducing new concepts to you but instead they just direct your thoughts to a different part in your brain that has all the motivational stuff you need.

Just as the word Ice was the key that guided your thoughts to a certain area of your brain a motivational song can guide your thoughts to areas that can help you become motivated.

So in fact the song just directs your thoughts to a certain part in your brain and then you are the one who motivates himself!!

How to motivate someone using this info

For each and every person there are billions of keys that lead to different parts in his brain. By getting more understanding of that person you will be able to know how to direct his thoughts towards the areas that contain all the motivational data that he is in need of.

You can motivate someone by reminding him of something, showing him a picture or letting him hear a song. The key used won't matter as long as it opens the way and allows the person's thoughts to be directed from a certain point to another.

Of course each person will be a different case and even though there will be common things that can motivate a group of people all together still it will be much more effective to use the keys that are unique to that certain person.

The reason you might fail to motivate someone is not that he is so helpless but its the fact that you didn't find the right key that can direct his thoughts to the right point.

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