Ways to motivate people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why cant I motivate people?

One of the popular mistakes that people make when trying to motivate others is thinking that they can motivate those people using the things that they use to motivate themselves.

For example, a man who is obsessed by becoming a manger or a supervisor might mistakenly think think that he could motivate his subordinates by telling them that they can become mangers too if they did a certain task.

The mistake this man made is that he thought that all people are just like him. The truth is that what motivates a person may not be of any importance to another person and that’s why you should examine the background of the person you are trying to motivate in order to know what makes him tick.

Understand their needs in order to motivate them

Motivation is nothing but convincing someone that doing a certain task will satisfy one of his needs. Based on that person’s background and past experiences there are going to be certain key needs that can motivate him to do anything. All you have to do is to explore those needs then use them to motivate him.

Some people have unmet social needs and so they may become more motivated if they were allowed to work in a team than if they were offered a high paying job that would let them work alone.

On the other hand some people are only motivated by money and does not care at all about positions or titles. All you have to do to motivate those people is to give them the money and they will do the task.

Other drives could be fame, titles, recognition, ego issues, independence or freedom.

The game of motivation is simple as long you play it using the rules the other person has in his mind and not your own rules. If you assumed that all people are like you then you will do the mistake of trying to motivate them using what motivates you which might make no sense at all to them. See also Motivating people by understanding their needs.

Understand the different Motivation styles

In order to motivate people you need to understand the different motivation styles.
Some people become motivated when they find a chance to come closer to their unmet needs while others are motivated by wanting to run away from the things they hate.

Again you must understand the person's motivation style so that you know the right way to use to motivate him.

For example, if money was the main source of motivation for a person and if his motivation style was the running away from pain then you can best motivate him by telling him that unless he does his job he wont take his full salary.

Motivate people using their own belief system

Many people do the mistake of trying to motivate people by assuming that they have the same belief system as the one they have where as this is a big mistake. Each person has his own unique belief system and so if one kind of reward motivates you it might never motivate another person.

If for example the belief that you are doing something good for your community motivates you then it would be a big mistake to assume that the person working for you thinks the same. What if that person was selfish for example?

In such a case your words might do more harm good. What's even worse is that some people might try to convince that person that helping the community is a great thing. While this can work it might require a tremendous amount of effort compared to the short cuts you can take if you targeted his belief system directly.

Remove their self defeating beliefs

One of the most popular reasons for loss of motivation and indifference are negative beliefs. So many people have negative beliefs that prevent them from moving forward. A person for example could believe that no matter what he does he will never get a job.

In such a case all of your efforts to motivate that person will go in vain unless you help him first change that belief. This is why listening to people is crucial if you want to motivate them for motivation can hardly happen before you help them defeat their negative beliefs.

Understand people to motivate them

All of the previous facts lead us to the ultimate conclusion which is that you can hardly motivate people before you get to understand them well.

Learning to understand yourself first is crucial in such a case because without proper knowledge of psychology and how your own brain works it might be very hard to decode the motives of others.

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