By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.


Egotistic people are those who are always preoccupied with their own selves and those who think that they are the center of the world. While narcissism is believing that you are omnipotent, Superior and invulnerable, egotism is having an exaggerated opinion of your own importance.

Narcissism is a mental disorder that should be cured but does anybody dare to say that egotism is a mental disorder? I don’t think so, because to some extent, all of us tend to have some egotistic tendencies.

The Ego that started a war

  • Money:What makes a person strive throughout his whole life for collecting billions and billions of dollars? Is it to cover his expenses or to live a luxurious life style? Some Billionaires can buy whole cities if they wanted to so why are they trying to become richer? Because they are fighting for the sake of creating a reality that matches their inflated egos
  • Relationships: she used to love him, she begged him to be her man but he dumped her. She cried a lot and she became depressed until she knew that he was suffering because of his unsuccessful relation with another girl and then she felt happy again!! Why did she feel happy, didn’t she want him? No she wanted to satisfy her ego and nothing could have done a better job in satisfying her ego than seeing him having a hard time because of leaving her.
  • Revenge: why do people try to take revenge? I am not talking about the revenge that you try to seek when someone kills one of your family members but the revenge I meant is the one that makes a person wastes years of his life just to make someone else pay the price of critic comment he made one day!!
  • War: was Hitler fighting for the sake of Germany or for the sake of humanity? No, he was fighting for his own ego. How many wars are started because of people's egos these days? and how many countries with inflated egos bring wars to humanity in order to satisfy these inflated egos?

Your Ego and your self esteem

A person's Ego has a direct impact on his self esteem. Lets suppose that a person developed a big ego after becoming rich and famous. In such a case that person's self worth is being fed by money and fame.

Now what do you think will happen if that person faced a financial crisis or became less famous? Certainly he will lose self confidence and even get depressed.

that's also another reason why we can understand depression by examining a person's ego. Usually a failure to meet up the expectations set by the Ego leads to sadness and depression.

Your Ego can kill you

I don’t think that anyone of us is egotism free and that’s why we should be aware of the dangers that may result from trying to satisfy our egos at all costs.

This is not an advice to let go of your egos but it’s just a gentle warning. Your ego can make you successful but in other situations it can kill you. use that double edged sword wisely.

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