Dumped by Your boyfriend/girlfriendr? Learn how to get over being dumped in minutes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Was Dumped by My girlfriend/boyfriend

Were you dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend?
Did you Ask someone out but was turned down? Told someone that you love him/her and the answer was “although you are an interesting person,i don't have feelings for you" ?

Self-confidence and Being Dumped

What most people do when they get dumped is that they start to search for a logical explanation or a reason for what happened.

Unfortunately this results in many cases in finding something wrong about themselves and as a result their self-confidence is damaged.

In most cases the main reason behind feeling bad after a break-up is a lack of self-confidence. After all, if you were 100% sure that you are a great person who shouldn't have been dumped then you wouldn't have thought that such a rejection meant that you are a bad person.

In such a case you would've found another explanation for it other than thinking that you are not that good. ( See How to get over being dumped for more information on feeling bad after break-ups as a result of lack of self confidence).

Why Was I Dumped? How to get over being dumped

The following lines will open your eyes to facts that you may not have been aware of before. After you understand them you will discover that getting dumped may not mean that you are bad at all.

  • Love and compensation: The person who dumped you is just a human who is governed by the rules of the psychology of falling in love. One of the main reasons that made this person fall in love with someone else is to compensate for his own weaknesses. For example if you loved someone who is a logical thinker he may dump you if you were very similar to him simply because he may want someone who is more spontaneous and creative to compensate for his rigid way of thinking. Although you are smart and intelligent, you were dumped because your partner needed to compensate for his weaknesses and not because you are bad :). If you think that the person you fell in love with is superior then wake up and realize that all humans have unmet needs that they need to compensate for.
  • His/Her unconscious criteria: I have said before that every person has a list called the subconscious criteria in his min. People don't feel in love with someone before he meets this criteria present in their minds (see the psychology of falling in love ). This means that if someone didn’t match this criteria then its almost impossible for that person to fall in love with him. If the subconscious criteria included items such as “she must be blond, or he must be tall" and as a result you didn't match it you then you might get dumped even though there's really nothing wrong with you!

Getting over being dumped

The conclusion you should have reached now is that you could get dumped for many reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you. In my "book how to get over anyone in few days" i said that once you realize that you weren't dumped because you were bad you will find yourself recovering faster from the breakup.

In some cases you should even pity the other person who is blindly searching for a way to compensate for his unmet needs instead of trying to find someone he really loves.

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