Dealing with relationship disappointment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Disappointment in relationships

I know how it feels to have high hopes then get disappointed
I know how painful it is to lose hope in one second or in a single moment
I know how this relationship meant a lot to you

If you got disappointed because you failed to attract someone to you or because you broke up then read this article and you will feel better.

do you know why you got disappointed?

But do you know why you got disappointed in this relationship?

You got disappointed because you were confident, you got disappointed because you thought that you deserve what you were going after and you got disappointed because you had good expectations.

In short, you got disappointed because you are strong!!
Just think about it, in case that you were one hundred percent sure that you won’t attract that person you were after then you won't have felt disappointed! Only confident people get disappointed in relationships.

how to deal with relationship disappointment?

After you knew that you are a confident and an optimistic person its time to learn how to get over relationship disappointment.

The following practices will help you deal with your feelings of disappointment:

  • she/he is not the one: one of most popular myths among people is believing that there is something called “the one”. If you had more than basic knowledge about the psychology of falling in love you would have discovered that there is nothing called the one. You may even find someone who is better than your one! your mind just searches for certain traits and when it finds them in someone you will fall in love with him. Not finding someone other than your “one” doesn’t mean that he was the one but it just means that you didn’t meet the other person who is better than him yet and that you may meet him any time soon. Don’t cry for the one because there are lots of other ones out there. In my book "How to get over anyone in few days" i said that reversing the effect of the programming people received by the media about "the one concept" can help them recover from breakups in no time
  • attachment can delay your recovery: The more you keep yourself attached to your old partner (after the relationship is over) the more you will find it harder to get over relationship disappointment. People attach themselves to old relationships by living on hope, listening to music that reminds them of it and by going to the same places they used to go to together. Am not asking you to lose hope but am just asking you to make sure if there is any hope in returning back or not. If you found no hope then cut the attachment as soon as you can( see the stages of recovery from breakups and how to make them shorter)
  • think of the future: What do you think the effect this event will have on you ten years later? probably It will be nothing!! It will become a memory with no associated emotions. know that as soon as you get rid of your attachment you will recover and become stronger than before And in the future this event will only be a part of your experience database.

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Did that help?

I still can’t forget him/her, what can I do?

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