The stages of recovery from breakups & divorce

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The stages of recovery from breakups & divorce

Whether you have really loved someone or whether it was just a crush you will be relieved to know that there is a normal process of recovery from breakups that everyone follows.

The stages of this process can either be very long or very short depending on your actions during these stages. In fact the difference between someone who recovers from from breakups fast and another person who takes a lot of time to recover are the actions they take during these stages of recovery.

In short, Understanding the recovery process well can help you recover very fast from breakups.

The stages of recovery from breakups are as follows:

The first stage is denial. It's where you start to deny that the breakup or the divorce happened and so you find that it's very hard to accept the new reality.

The second stage is anger where you feel angry about what happened and feel like wanting to revenge.

The third step which is bargaining is the most dangerous one of them all. It's where you try to do anything to get that person back while you know that you won't succeed.

During that stage of recovery some people go to the places that they used to hang out at together hoping to meet their old lover by coincidence. Others start to use music to remember the good memories that they had together. Such actions slow down the recovery process and can even prevent you from getting over the breakup for months.

Next comes the fourth state of recovery from breakups which is depression. Depression happens when a person loses hope in getting something that he really wanted, in such a case the old lover.

Its good to note that depression is a mixture of both very little amount of hope and a large amount of loss of hope. A combination of 3% hope and 97% loss of hope is perfect for depression to occur.

how to recover faster from a breakup or a divorce

Most of the problems people face when trying to recover from a breakup or a divorce lie in between stage three and four. They get stuck there because they insist on trying to get the person back rather than accepting what happened.

For example, Whenever the phone rings he thinks that this might be her. The more time you spend at this stage the longer it will take you to recover.

The key to recover quickly from a breakup or a divorce is moving to the next step right away by accepting that what happened and by preventing yourself from bargaining.

By accepting the fact that someone else can fill this gap and the fact that you can get along alone you will recover faster.

Stop using music to remind yourself of the past. Don't allow the small seed to grow into a tree but instead cut the water supply. (see How to feel better after a breakup)

Only then you will recover from a breakup or a divorce in no time.

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