How to recover from a break up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to recover from a break up

I get lots of emails from people who want to recover from breakups quickly. Even though each breakup is a special case still there are some common mistakes that almost all people do in relationships which prevents them from recovering early.

In this article i will tell you about the common mistakes that might prevent recovery and how you can avoid them.

Why do people fail to recover from breakups quickly

Suppose your net worth was 10,000 Dollars. How would you feel like if you invested all the money you had in the stock market then lost them all?? Of course that would feel awful because you won't have any money left. People who study investment will always tell you not to put all of your eggs in one basket not to suffer if something happened to that basket.

Now what if you did the same thing with your emotions? what if you became one hundred percent dependent on only one person to feel good, won't that break you if that person left you??

The reason most people don't recover from breakups quickly is that they make their emotional state completely dependent on their partner by doing the following:

  • Contacting their friends less often: Most couples do the mistake of weakening the connection between them and their friends on intention right after getting into a relationship. In this case the person becomes 100% dependent on their partner to satisfy their social and intimacy needs. In such a case if their partner left they will feel very lonely
  • Dropping the hobbies: Another mistake couples do is becoming 100% dependent on each other to feel good instead of keeping their hobbies and interests intact. Again the loss of the partner in this case means the loss of happiness and the meaning of life
  • You are everything in my life: In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how some people go even further by not focusing on anything in their lives but their partner, thus making them the center of their lives. Those people suffer the most after breakups and hardly recover unless an expert helps them.

How to recover from breakups quickly

In order to recover quickly from breakups you must not make your mood, life and everything that you have dependent on your partner. If you broke up with your partner already then bring your life back and you will find that recovering is becoming much easier.

Of course your partner should be the most important person in your life but in the same time you must never make them the only important thing in your life, else you will become broken if they left you.

Even if you didn't breakup with them your life will be meaningless, tasteless and you will sooner or later start experiencing dissatisfaction.

A healthy relationship is the one that allows you to grow, make more friends and have a better life and not a one that makes you dependent on one person for satisfying all of your emotional needs.

Steps to recover from a breakup fast

  • 1) Fill your social life with people: You will easily be able to recover from a breakup if you felt that there is a possible replacement for the person you lost. In such a case your subconscious mind will realize that this wasn't the last good person on earth and so you will recover fast. Make sure you restore your social life as soon as you breakup
  • 2) Return back to your hobbies and life: Once you return back to your normal life you will realize that you are not that emotionally dependent on your partner
  • 3) Understand your unhealthy attachment: If you were very attached to that person because your life had nothing but them then you need to realize that this was an unhealthy attachment. In such a case you need to realize that you can satisfy your needs in totally different ways apart from being with that person
  • 4) Satisfy your important needs: Right after breakups you are going to develop some unmet needs such as the need to be loved , the need for intimacy in addition to some other needs. Make sure you satisfy those needs through loving friends and family members so that you feel better about the breakup
  • 5) End the bargaining: Recovery will never start before your mind starts to believe that the relationship is over for good. As long as you are day dreaming, visualizing your partner, stalking them or trying to bring them back then you will be preventing recovery from happening
  • 6) Understand the true reasons for liking that person:
  • In most cases people like others because of personal needs that have nothing to do with the people they like. You might like someone because you were lonely, because you needed love or because you were in need of someone to talk to. Most of the reasons behind your attachment might have nothing to do with that person you liked and this means that this person can easily be replaced

  • 7) Think of potential replacements I am not asking you to get into a rebound relationship but i am just asking you to consider the options for this can let you realize that you can find someone else later on

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