I am not satisfied with my life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am not satisfied with my life

I know how it feels when you find that you aren’t satisfied with all of your life aspects. When someone experiences this feeling of dissatisfaction with his life it usually triggers hundreds of other negative thoughts that further reinforces his dissatisfaction.

At this point everything appears to be going wrong, your relationship status, your financial situation, your relation with God and your career.

However, this feeling of dissatisfaction may not be as bad it seems but actually it can be a great opportunity for change. If you succeeded in channeling this feeling correctly you will end up with major changes in your life that wont only make you satisfied but that will also make you happy.

Dissatisfaction and Motivation

If you touched a very hot object your nervous system will immediately invoke a reflex action that will remove your hand quickly from the source of heat.

Your nervous system was not satisfied by the current temperature it felt and so it channeled this dissatisfaction correctly and moved your hand away.

Dissatisfaction is a tremendous amount of energy as it’s a great source of negative motivation. People are usually more motivated to move away from bad events than they are motivated to move towards something that they enjoy.

what i am trying to say is that you now have a tremendous amount of energy and motivation because of this dissatisfaction you are experiencing. All what you need to do now is to direct it properly. (see how to boost your motivation levels)

You must understand that depression results from giving up hope instead of dealing with life problems. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than your subconscious mind's response towards loss of hope in dealing with a certain problem. If you didn't take actions you will lose hope and this loss of hope will sooner or later turn into depression.

Start Now

At this point of your life you have two options, the first is to cry and declare defeat and the second is to fight back. Decide now that this current moment is the start of a major change in your life. Make a vow now that you will do your best to change all the things that lead you to be dissatisfied with your life.

Grab a paper and a pen and write down all of the things that are making you dissatisfied with your life. Don’t exaggerate your problems because when we tend to think negatively we fail to see anything in a positive way. After you complete your list start to set realistic and achievable goals for each item you wrote.

As soon as you finish writing your plan you will feel better. Few days after you start applying them your dissatisfaction will go away and as soon as you achieve them you will feel happy :)

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