How to feel good all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to feel good all the time

Is it possible to feel good all the time?
you might be wondering how can someone feel good all the time while life is full of problems! No one can deny that all of us without exceptions face different kinds of problems at different times of our lives.

if these problems make us unhappy then how can we feel good all the time?

This is exactly what i am going to talk about in this article.

How to feel good even if you have many problems

Your Boss: Hey Sam, did you call the important client?
Sam: i will call him today at 12 sir, i already agreed with him on that yesterday.
Your Boss: Good, Did you photocopy these important documents
Sam: The photocopier is heating up, will do that in 30 minutes
Your Boss: Very good, Good job

So you might be wondering what does this dialogue has to do with feeling Good? didn't you notice that Sam didn't complete any of the tasks that was assigned to him yet his manager praised him??

Sam's manager was comfortable that the tasks will be completed on time and that's why he praised him.

The same goes for your subconscious mind exactly which can be considered your boss, it won't care much about your current problems as long as you promise that you will work on a solution!!

Your subconscious mind will keep reminding you of your problems just as Sam's boss reminded him of his tasks. If you managed to answer your subconscious mind correctly and reassure it that you are working on these problems then you will feel good even if you have lots of them.

Why do people feel bad all the time?

Your subconscious mind: Hey buddy stop eating, you are already overweight
You: Hmmm, i gotta drink to forget about my problem
Your subconscious mind: Dude, you hate this job right?
You: hmmm, well that's the best job i can find right now, plus everyone hates his job
Your subconscious mind: YOU SUCK, take these bad feelings!!

As you can see most people try to forget about their problems or lie to themselves just to escape from the responsibility and this attitude results in bad emotions, sadness and depression. In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression in most cases can be nothing more than the response of your subconscious mind to an unsolved problem that you don't want to solve.

In order to feel Good all the time you must work on fixing your life problems or at least have a plan for the problems that you can't solve right away.

Don't delay the actions else you will feel bad

Lets suppose that your subconscious mind reminded you of a problem and you responded by saying that you will take care of it. Most probably your subconscious mind will give you some time and then remind you of the problem once again.

After few reminders if your subconscious mind didn't find you taking actions then it will respond back with negative emotions. So in order to feel Good all the time you need to not just reassure your subconscious mind that you will solve the problems but you also need to take actions before its patience runs out.

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