How to feel good all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Small events can change your mood

In previous articles about happiness, depression and mood regulation I always used to explain how leaving your major problems unsolved can be the main cause for prolonged sadness. (see What causes depression).

In this article I am going to talk about a different concept which is how very small events that happen throughout your day can result in changing your mood and preventing you from feeling good even though they are very tiny.

What is happiness?

Happiness is absence of bad emotions and the feeling you get when you have your unmet needs met. If you were feeling very stressed on a certain day then you are very less likely to feel good that day as thisstress will replace the feelings of happiness.

Learning how to spot the small events that happen throughout your day that result in triggering such unwanted emotions is your first step towards feeling good because if you managed to stop the feelings that replace happiness you will surely feel good all the time.

How to feel good all the time

Stress: The first emotion that kills good moods is stress, if you are living a stressful life style or even if your external environment is promoting stress then you will rarely be able to feel good. Read my article the anatomy of stress to learn how to eliminate stress from your life.

Over eating:Eating is another factor that can change your mood right away, try to eat something while you are full or fill your stomach with soda and you will experience a sudden drop in your mood in few seconds. Only eat when you are Hungary and stop eating before you are full and then food will never make you feel bad. (see Binge eating).

Guilt: Guilt is a another source of emotional pain that prevents the person from feeling good. I am not talking about the kind of guilt you get when you do something really awful but the guilt I am talking about is the one that results from tiny events such as not exercising on the day you were supposed to exercise or delaying a task that you were supposed to do. These tiny events can result in feelings of guilt that prevents you from feeling good.

Fear: In my article how to stop living with fear I explained how some people got used to live with fear to the extent that they no longer sense its presence. Fear of the future, of the unknown and all kinds of fears will surly suppress your happiness potential and prevent you from feeling good. (see Overcoming guilt).

There are countless number of items that I can mention that prevents a person from feeling happy but in the end the concept will still be the same. Learning how to become aware of the small events that trigger unwanted emotions will help you prevent them in early stages and will lead you to feeling good all the time.

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