What causes bad moods

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

But it’s your job!!

One of my friends was really suffering everyday because he hated his job. When he talked to his friends and explained the pain he experienced everyday he got the famous answer "but it’s your job".

My friends kept convincing the guy that quitting his job is a wrong decision, that he should be stronger and that he must forget about these emotions for the sake of his career.

My friend was convinced, he kept doing the same thing everyday and he tried not to think about it so that he doesn’t feel bad.

Sadly he ended up depressed and he had to forcefully quit the job later on because of the breakdown that he suffered from!!

What causes bad moods

Our culture has taught us to give higher priority to our career and studies than the priority we give to our well being!! Sadly we learned how to step on our emotional injuries because of reasons like "But Its your job" !!

After all depression is nothing more than an indication that a certain emotional problem was left unsolved. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be the direct result of stepping over our emotional pain instead of trying to deal with it.

Not responding to the pleas of your mind and keeping doing something that you hate for prolonged period of time is one of the fastest ways to encounter depression and bad moods.(see Why do we feel bad)

Just like we give high priority to physical illness and just as we do care about resting when we become ill we must learn how to give high priority to our emotional needs instead of just ignoring them so that they don't grow bigger.

Are you satisfying your emotional needs?

Do you keep doing things that you hate all the time?
Do you believe in the "But its your job" Concept?
Do you use quick fixes whenever you feel bad instead of targeting the root cause of the problem?
Do you take a day off when you become ill but keep yourself busy when you feel down??

If you are doing any of these bad habits then know that you are doing all what it takes to encounter bad moods.

Respond to a bad mood the way you respond to a physical illness by giving the situation a high importance, by trying to find the causes and by following proper treatment, only then you will encounter less bad moods.

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