Bad mood for no reason

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bad mood for no reason

Do you know why do we like confident and cheerful people?
Because they make us feel confident and happy as long as they are around.

It was found that we replicate the feelings of the person we come in contact with and that’s why our moods change after interaction with other people.

If you saw a poor person suffering you will feel bad because you have replicated the feelings he is experiencing, of course everyone of us do it in a different way and that’s why there are sensitive people and people who have no empathy, but in the end we all replicate the feelings of others when we come in contact with them.

Catching a bad mood

This brings us to a very important point which is that bad moods can be transferred from one person to another even if the other person had no reason to feel bad.

How many times have you felt stressed right after being with people who were stressed out? Even walking on your legs beside a traffic jam can result in catching some of the stress the drivers are experiencing.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how prolonged stress can lead to depression. If you deal with people who are always stressed out then sooner or later you will catch depression even if you had no reason to become depressed!!

You can even catch depression if you kept staying with depressed people for prolonged periods. You will just keep replicating their own emotions until you will lose the ability to differentiate between your own emotions and theirs. It is contagious.

How to not catch bad moods?

Avoid being around people who are always stressed, angry or sad. Of course if you are helping a friend feel better then its an exception but if found yourself in a place full of strangers who are stressed or angry then you must leave at once.

On the other hand try to reduce the time you spend with depressed people especially if you were facing a hard time and so you were more vulnerable to depression.

Just like a cold can be caught bad moods can be caught too. Be aware of this fact and avoid catching unnecessary emotions in order to live a happier life.

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