I am in a bad mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am in a bad mood

The bad feelings we experience at any moment are the result of the combination of different emotions together. We rarely feel down because of stress alone, guilt alone or anxiety alone, and if only one of these emotions was present at a time you wouldn’t have had any problems tolerating it . It’s the combination of different bad emotions that makes us feel horrible.

The anatomy of bad feelings

At any point of time we feel bad we will be experiencing a combination of fears, worries about the upcoming events, feelings of regret about our past and feelings of irritation because of small issues that are currently bothering us.

For example, at a certain moment you might be feeling bad about your past because you didn’t manage to achieve what you wanted to achieve,feeling worried about the future because you are afraid to fail in reaching your goals and feeling irritated because the weather is hot.

In order to get rid of these negative feelings you don’t need to solve all of your problems right now, you just need to get rid of the small issues that are irritating you at the moment, reduce the worries and forget about the past.

Dealing with Small issues

small problems act as multipliers to bad emotions, if you are feeling so down then doing any of the following might make you feel much better: Go to the bathroom if you need to, take a hot shower, eat if you are Hungary, drink if you are thirsty or clean your room if its not tidy.

Small issues such as wanting to eat or wanting to bath might not impact our lives directly but they do increase the bad feelings we experience. Dealing with small issues will guarantee that your bad mood will not become severe.

You might be feeling bad because of a problem that you are facing but because you are sitting in an untidy room these bad feelings might intensify and you may end up feeling down.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how small problems that are of no significant importance can multiply the bad feelings we have and even result in a mood swing. In order to get over bad moods and prevent depression make sure you get rid of all the problems you face even if they were too small.


Stress can multiply your bad feelings by 10 times or even more. Make sure that you know how to deal with stress because its one of the vital requirements for preventing bad moods from intensifying. (see my articles I am stressed out and the anatomy of stress for in depth information on dealing with stress)

Worries about the future

You might be worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow or you might be afraid to encounter a certain problem that you can’t solve. Worries can be dealt with easily, you don’t have to solve all of your problems today but you just need to provide a signal to your mind that you are going to solve these issues.

For example, if one of the problems that is bothering you is your curved belly then you should start to exercise your abs for 10 minutes right away then after you finish you should write a schedule for exercising for the next few months. Just like most of your hunger fades away as soon as you start eating most of your bad feelings will fade away as soon as you start taking actions. (see my article its calling you)

Depression, guilt and regret

All of these feelings are related to the past. Dealing with the past is not hard. You just need to change your future, after all if you were feeling bad because you weren’t successful in the past then being successful in the future will make remembering the past a pleasant experience.

Some people say that the past can’t be changed but the truth is that the past can be changed by changing the future.

Start taking actions

What are you waiting for?? Take actions, write plans, get rid of small issues, start over and fight back. The bad feelings you are experiencing now are just messages, some people respond to these message by taking actions while others stay down for prolonged periods.

The choice is yours whether you want to be among those who fight back or those who stay down.

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