Help me; I am depressed!!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

help me i am depressed

What most people don't know about Depression is that its not a disease as much as it’s a message. When you accidentally touch a hot object your nervous systems stimulates the feelings of pain , not to bother you, but just to let pull your hands away quickly.

Depression, disappointment sadness and all other bad emotions have the same purpose as this pain.

Your subconscious mind makes you feel bad in order to motivate you to take an action about something that is bothering you.

This action might quitting your job, making new friends, starting over, getting close to god, finding a life purpose or anything else.

Once you understand that depression is a signal you can rest assured that you took your first step to recovery. Just imagine what would happen if you left your hand on a hot object even if you felt pain, will the pain disappear? certainly not, it will only increase and the same will happen to your depression if you didn't respond to the signal.

This is what to do when you are depressed

Many experts recommend depression medication to help depressed people but in fact they can never solve the depression problem on their own.

Depression medication are supposed to fix the brain chemistry and make you feel better but unless you find out and fix what disturbed your brain chemistry at the first place depression will never leave you.

In order to Deal with depression you must examine the recent changes that happened in your life after which you felt depressed.

Do you hate your job? Do you hate your boss? Are you going through a severe breakup? Do you lack life purpose? Are you feeling stuck? Did you miss your goals? Do you feel unloved?

Once you determine that reason that caused your depression you need to find a solution that you believe will work. The reason i say so is that knowing about a solution that you don't trust will only result in indifference. Indifference is just a state a person reaches when he doesn't believe that the current solutions for his problems are going to work.

Help yourself by taking actions

Ask for advice if you don't know the solution, ask your friends for help, Pray to God, quit your job, read books, educate yourself, study all night, move to another city, leave the country, become assertive, promise yourself that you will change, face your fear.....etc

I would be lying if i told you that there is only one solution for depression like exercising or medications because each person is unique and each depression case requires unique actions in order to be dealt with.

The action that is required to heal your depression will differ according to the reasons that made you depressed But in all cases your mind won’t withdraw this signal, until you find a solution or take action. (see How to understand depression)

Medication can help , but they are never the solution.
Kill depression by taking an action and by dealing with the real cause.

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