Do depression medications work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do depression medications work

In my previous article managing suppressed emotions i explained how suppressing your emotions can only lead to the accumulation of bad feelings until they burst out one day.

One of the known causes of depression is suppressing the person’s needs, desires and real emotions. If your mind was trying to send you a certain message in order to motivate you to take actions and you responded by burring this message and acting as if nothing is wrong then you will certainly become depressed.

Nowadays whenever you ask most psychologists about depression treatment they reply back giving you the names of one or two antidepressants, but do depression medication really work?

suppressing your emotions using depression medications

In order to prevent depression you must respond to your mind pleas and also find a healthy way to express your emotions. Our society has taught us to ignore emotional signals and to "Be strong" by acting as if they are not there!!

Even when you visit a psychologist he will tell you that you are abnormal because you experience such emotions. Of course he will never say it directly but what does it mean to be asked to take medications to restore your brain chemistry to its norms?

It simply means that its abnormal to express your emotions or to feel them!!! That’s why depression medication can cause more harm than benefit.

If the main purpose of the medication is to let you suppress your emotions even more then it will only result in a catastrophe later on!!

I am not against depression medication in general but I am against therapists who depend on them completely to bust depression. Instead psychotherapy must be used to cure depression while the medication must only be used to make the person feel better until the psychotherapy’s effect is felt.

How depression should be treated

In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression should be dealt with by responding to the messages your mind is sending you instead of ignoring them.

If someone feels that he is a failure because of not achieving anything in his life until early thirties then depression medication will never help him. This person will never feel Good unless he starts to work on a plan that can help him make some achievements.

Ignoring the message in this case and taking medications will only make things worse. In short, depression medications are pain killers that can help you feel better until you respond to your mind and solve the main problem.

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