Depression self help

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Depression self help

I have helped thousands of people to get rid of depression on their own by teaching them depression self help methods.

Lots of people mistakenly believe that drugs are the solution for depression while the truth is that psychotherapy is usually much more effective for treating depression on the long term.

Medication is only effective as long as you are using them but if you were depressed because of your lack of ability to cope with life problems then sooner or later your depression will return again (see Natural treatment for depression).

What depression really is?

Depression in most cases is a reflection of the state of loss of hope your mind has reached because of not being able to reach something that is important to you.

Depression always has a reason and if you think that you are depressed for no reason then know that the reason is just buried in your subconscious mind because your mind found that it would be too painful to make you aware of it.

How would you feel if you suddenly felt worthless, unloved or even not that intelligent? Of course it would hurt and that’s why sometimes our subconscious mind decides to suppress the reasons instead of showing them to us. (see Why am i depressed).

So there is always a reason for depression and your first step in helping yourself feel better is knowing that reason.

Try to recall your feelings before you got depressed, record the changes that happened after that period and notice how your mood changed from good to the worse. It might take you some time but in the end you will find that something has changed.

Helping yourself to get out of depression

Finding the reason is the first step towards getting over depression but still depression won’t go away before you manage to reassure your mind that hope wasn’t lost and that you could still bring it what it wants.

Of course if you were depressed because of a loss of someone close or because of something that can’t be restored then you should learn how to accept what happened. If you managed to practice acceptance correctly then your depression will go away.

Don’t try to fool your mind by claiming that you are going to accept something that can be restored because your mind won’t believe you. For example, if you lost your job or lost your money then you can’t just say I will accept that then expect depression to go away. Instead you need to find an alternative to your job and another source of income in order to feel good once again.

Acceptance is only a solution in case you have lost a limb, someone close or something that can’t be restored, only then it will work.

The third step is the hard part because it involves a lot of effort, you need to fight for that thing you want in order to restore hope. If your goal is big then divide it to small parts and mark your progress as you complete each part.

Depression is all about the loss of hope that results from not being able to get something that you really wanted. If you want to get rid of depression then either restore that thing or accept what happened if it can’t be restored.

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