Why am I depressed?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i depressed?

Our dreams are the oxygen we breathe when life problems make the air around us toxic. If we moved towards them then happiness hormones will be released in our bodies while if we moved away from them we will experience all the bad emotions in the world but if we buried them or ignored them then we will certainly become severely depressed.

Depression might not be anything but your mind's response to the fact that you gave up your dreams or that you are not able to reach them. You might think that currently you have no dreams or that you are not depressed because you let go of them but if you examined your past you will find that there were things that you have always longed for but you ignored them because you didn't manage to achieve them.

Some of us keep fighting for these dreams and so maintain optimism and hope in their lives while others bury these dreams deep down in their subconscious minds and remain depressed for the rest of their lives.

Depression and Suppressing your dreams

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how people lie to themselves by trying to believe that they are living the lives they wanted.

A man who has always wanted to be the CEO of large company but only managed to be a supervisor might start convincing himself that going higher in the corporate ladder might result in a stressful life.

Even though the man might actually believe the lie his subconscious mind will never believe it and the result will be an inner conflict that creates a severe depression (see Lying to yourself for more information).

Unless you revive your dreams you will always stay depressed

So is there any solution to this problem?
Yes there is a powerful solution that requires some courage but is very effective.
Remove the dust the covers your old dreams, revive your life goals that you have always wanted to achieve and admit that you were lying to yourself by accepting the way you live right now.

Only then you will start to breathe once again and only then your subconscious mind will find that your life is worth living and that depression is no longer needed.

Don't believe what most people say, you don't need medication in order to get over depression but you just need to make your life meaningful and nothing can make it more meaningful than fighting for the things that you really wanted to have.

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