I am feeling depressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am feeling depressed

When you touch a hot object with your hands you will experience some pain that will force you to pull your hands away from the hot object. Your body has a very intelligent mechanism for protecting itself from damage, whenever it finds that any of your organs is endangered it sends you signals of pain so that you respond by moving away from the source of the pain.

But what if your body found that you are facing big emotional problems that will result in some other type of damage that is more dangerous than the physical damage?

In such a case your mind will respond by sending you feelings like sadness and depression!!

This is why your depression lingers

Do you know why you can't get over depression?
When your hands touch a hot object you remove it immediately and so the pain disappears but when you encounter an emotional problem you don’t take actions and that’s why you remain depressed.

Your mind is very intelligent, it tries first to draw your attention to the danger you are exposed to by sending you a weak signal. This signal might be in the form of sadness, a mood swing or irritation but if you still didn’t respond then the signal may be increased until it becomes as big as a severe depression.

In short, ignoring your problems is the main reason that allows bad emotions to remain and even to increase in intensity.

Ignoring your problems and feeling depressed

Have you ever been in place that had a bad smell and then few minutes later you stopped noticing that bad smell?

This happens because your body adapts to the surroundings by ignoring repetitive signals so that it prevents them from bothering you. Now what if you kept ignoring the stress you are feeling, the bad emotions you are experiencing or the irritation you get while working? (see Why do i hate my job)

Your mind will get used to these signals and it might ignore them for a while but later on it will send you a much powerful signal that may take the form of a severe depression!!!

In short, If you want to live happily then take actions right now because the more you will ignore the signals the more will they intensify and the worse will be your feelings.

Why writing a plan can ease your depression

Your subconscious mind needs a proof from you in order to believe that you are going to solve your important problems. This proof can be in the form of a written plan. When you write a plan your subconscious mind becomes satisfied since it believes that you are working on a soloution.

As soon as you write this action plan your depression will ease but there is something you must know. The extent with which your depression will get reduced depends upon the extent to which your subconscious mind believes that the plan will work.

In other words, if you wrote a plan but believed that you wont be able to follow it then you will still feel bad. Unless you trust the plan you write your depression won't go away.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how ignoring problems instead of trying to solve them can be the main cause for depression. As soon as you take actions to solve these problems your depression will certainly ease.

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