Dealing with mild depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do everyone give the same advices?

Get some sunlight, exercise, think positively or use medications if you want to get over depression. Sounds familiar right? Of course these advice sound familiar because 99% of the websites that talk about depression repeat them.

But do they really work? No they never work, but why?? Because you tried them and you know that they don’t work.

I am not trying to say that these methods aren’t effective at all but what I am saying is that they will never help you get rid of your depression completely though they might make you feel better.

Dealing with mild depression

Sam, a guy who always failed to be a popular person when he was studying at college found a good IT job when he graduated.

Shortly Sam became a very successful IT manager and everyone was praising his brilliance and intelligence. Sam started to work until 8 Pm everyday and he rarely took a day off.

Sam’s mind was using his career and heavy workload as a decoy to distract him from the real problem which is not being successful in his social life. Even though Sam was happy with his achievements he always felt depressed without understanding the real reason behind it (see When your mind deceives you).

Are you living with depression?

Most of those who are depressed have problems that seem to have no solution and that are buried deep into their subconscious minds . After you give up trying your mind will try to find anything else that can keep you busy so that you never remember your real problem.

But the drawback to this brilliant method is that you will live with a mild depression without even understanding the reason behind it.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how running from your problems or acting as if they are non existent can add to your bad mood and make you feel depressed.

As soon as you take actions and face them your depression will ease.

How to kill depression?

Summon your courage then face yourself and your mind with all the things that disappointed you in the past.

Recall the dreams that you had (Do you still remember them?), the goals that you wanted to achieve and the life that you wanted to live. On doing so you will discover that all the depression and the disappointment you are currently experiencing are a result of the difference between your current life and the life you wanted to live.

Get some sunlight, exercise often or eat 100 chocolates a day and you might feel better but in order to get over depression completely you must fix the real causes instead of depending on quick fixes.

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