How to tell if i am depressed? (Depression signs)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to tell if i am depressed ?

Depression has a cure because its just a message sent to you by your mind to motivate you to fix something that is bothering you.

All psychologists agree that depression happens as a result of chemical imbalance in the brain but Who cares about the chemical imbalance if there are underlying factors that caused that imbalance?

Many therapists want you to believe that you are a robot that has a problem in its brain chemistry that lead to depression and thus they suggest the use of medication as the ultimate method to fix the robot's head.

This is nonsense because unless the real cause of depression is cured you will live on medication forever. (see my article The anatomy of depression ).

Signs that can tell you if you are depressed

You might be thinking that you are depressed while you are not, the following signs will help you know whether you are depressed or whether its just a bad mood.

  • Unable to enjoy life All of your joyful activities lose their taste when you become depressed. Of course this might happen for a day or two because of sadness but if this happened for a prolonged period of time then you might be depressed.
  • Loss of hope: Loss of hope and thinking that you can never change what happened is another sign of depression
  • Staying in bed all the time: Not wanting to go out of bed in the morning is a sign that can tell you that you are depressed
  • Lack of energy: Lacking energy and feeling that you can't do any effort is a strong sign for depression
  • Social isolation: Not wanting to see or meet anyone for prolonged periods is a sign that can tell you that you are depressed
  • Weight changes: A big noticeable change in your weight (either positive or negative)
  • Suicidal thoughts: Getting suicidal thoughts or wishing to die is one of the strongest signs of depression
  • Feeling empty: Emotional emptiness is another sign of depression
  • Negative thoughts: The world becomes dark when you feel depressed

What causes depression?

If you searched the web for depression's causes most probably you will find someone telling that depression results from the chemical imbalance that happens in the brain but the real bad thing is that no one will ever tell you why did this chemical imbalance happened!!

yes depression is caused by chemical imbalance but the chemical imbalance itself stems from the person's inability to deal with a certain life problem. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than a message sent to your by your subconscious mind telling you that hope is lost. Restore hope, take actions or find a way to respond to your subconscious mind and your depression will disappear.

How to get over depression

When it comes to dealing with depression people do everything but the right action required. In order to end depression you need to go back in time right before you were depressed and find out the major change that happened in your life.

Maybe you lost an important job, someone you love or maybe you suddenly felt that your life is worthless. Each depression case can be different from the others but the soloution is always the same. Find a way to fix what went wrong and your depression will go away.

The good news is that your depression will ease while you are working on the plan and not after you complete it provided that you believe that plan is going to work.

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