Do depression tablets work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do depression tablets work?

I have been treating people suffering from depression for years. The problem i discovered is that most of them have false ideas about depression, depression medication and tablets.

Some people believe that depression tablets are magical cure to depression and that's why they end up disappointed after using them.

If you are wondering why such a myth is very popular and supported by lots of people just think about the goal of pharmaceutical companies and you will understand everything.

Those companies want to sell more of their products and that's why their goal is to prove to you that a depression tablet is the only thing you need, but do depression tablets really work??

Understanding depression

Depression is the result of imbalance in brain chemicals, that's well known to almost everybody but the question you must ask yourself is, what caused that imbalance!!

Depression is nothing more than a state you reach when you fail to get something that you badly wanted and you find that you are completely helpless.

Lets suppose a man wanted to be rich but lost all of his money all of a sudden in the stock market, how will he feel like? certainly he will become depressed and his brain chemicals will become imbalanced.

Now can depression tablets cure this man?
NO, they can't !!
depression tablets can only make him feel a little better and as soon as he stops taking them he will feel bad once again.

So how to get over depression without depression tablets?

Think of depression tablets as pain killers that can help you withstand the pain as long as you are taking them but once you stop the pain will return back.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained that the best approach to use when dealing with depression is to work on fixing the root cause of your depression while taking depression tablets on your way.

So back to the man who wanted to be rich, in his case he must strive to rebuild his wealth once again and in the same time he can use depression tablets to feel better.

People don't recover from depression because they use tablets on their own then wonder why isn't their mood improving!! simply because they are not solving their problems!!

Think of a depression tablet as a pain killer that helps you withstand a broken hand. Unless you put your hand in cast the pain will return as soon as you stop the pain killer. Solving your problems is like putting your hands in cast.

so to summarize everything:

  • Depression tablets never work on their own
  • Fixing your life problems is essential to combating depression
  • Use depression tablets on your way to recovery to ease the pain

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