How to understand depression in men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand depression in men

How can you understand depression? do men feel depressed in a different way than women?
and what is depression all about?

Whenever i talk to a friend or family member about depression i discover that they didn't quite get the concept or that they still have many question marks when it comes to understanding depression.

Depression that happens to men or women is like a short circuit that prevents their happy emotions from flowing properly. Something wrong happened that changed the way the brain works and that short circuited happiness.

In this article i will tell you how to understand depression in both men and women.

Understanding depression in men and women

The best way that can help you understand what depression is all about is to give you an example of a real case of a depressed person.

Tom, not a real name, was an only child who was showered with attention when he was young. I have said earlier that childhood experiences affect the way we behave as adults. Because Tom was showered with attention he grew up to become an attention seeking adult who always wanted to be in the center of attention.

As long as Tom managed to do that he felt really good but one day he faced a big financial crisis and had to be isolated from people to the extent that he had to disappear from his social circle completely. Tom has became severely depressed, not because of the financial crisis he faced but because he was no longer in the center of attention.

Of course the Tom didn't figure out what happened but he just felt depression without understanding why. Two different people experienced what Tom had experienced but no one of them became depressed as they didn't care that much about being in the center of attention.

The key to understanding depression in both men and women is to know that its strongly connected to the goals they have formed since they were children. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood)

The environmental factors affecting men

Depression happens when certain environmental factors interact with a person's beliefs in an unfavorable way. In other words the environmental factors alone can't cause depression unless they cause some kind of distress to the person because of his beliefs.

You might think that both men and women are subject to the same environmental factors but this is not correct. Men for example are always pressured to be more masculine. Now the problem with such pressures is that if a man had a belief that went against that norm then he might get depressed.

The simplest example would be the man who thinks that he is not manly enough because he is not tall. That man is very likely to get depressed because of his height if he didn't learn how to adapt to those beliefs. See Is short man syndrome real.

Men are also more pressured to become successful in their work and careers. If a man felt that he is not that good compared to his peers when it comes to work then he might also go through depression.

While the general mechanism of depression works the same way for both men and women still the fact that they are subject to different kinds of pressure can let them experience depression differently.

Men are subject to more stress

Generally men are subjected to more stress than women. Prolonged stress is likely to cause depression at some point. If a man constantly failed to deal with stress or if he didn't develop the proper coping mechanisms then he might get depressed.

This doesn't mean that men generally get depressed more than women but it just means that when a person gets subjected to more stress he is more likely to get depressed.

Understanding depression correctly

Depression is a state a person reaches when he finds that he failed to reach the goals he established when he was a little child. If the path towards these goals was blocked then the person becomes depressed.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression medications rarely work and that they are not the right choice for treating depression. After understanding this concept you will not wonder why depression medication were proved to be as effective as placebos.

If you want to understand depression properly then you first need to understand the depression person and his goals whether he was a man or a woman. After you do so you need to find out whether something has blocked the path to one of his important goals or not.

If you helped the person find hope towards moving once again towards his goal then his depression will disappear.

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