How to help someone with depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to help someone with depression

Depression can be really tough and knowing how to help someone with depression is a skill that each one of us is in need of.

Before you can can help someone who is depressed you first need to get a correct understanding of depression.

In my previous article how to understand someone with depression i explained how depression can be some kind of silent protest the subconscious mind of a person makes because of not being able to fulfill one of its most important desires.

This is the key concept that i will use in this article to tell you how to help someone with depression.

Helping someone with depression

Based on the previous definition its clear that many of the methods we use to help depressed people never tackle the real problem and that's why they are not effective.

For example if one of the deepest desires of someone was to be successful then unless he becomes successful or at least finds hope for success he might remain depressed. Usually when we try to help someone with depression we give advice such as you don't have to be sad, be more positive or even forget about it.

The problem with these advice is that they make no sense at all for the subconscious mind which is eager to fulfill a certain important desire.

To help someone with depression you need to give him hope

What if someone really wanted to be rich but didn't manage to do it, will he remain depressed until he becomes rich? fortunately that's not the case.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression is an expression of loss of hope in reaching a certain important goal.

Now in order to help someone with depression you just need to give him hope for fulfilling his important desire in order for his subconscious mind to give up its protest.

Usually your positive arguments would make no sense for a depressed person and that's why you must let him first express the reasons for his loss of hope then work on providing a logical answer for each of this reasons.

Convincing someone to believe in something is all about understanding the beliefs that are preventing him from believing in that thing then working on busting them one by one.

In the case of depression you need to convince the person that there is hope by busting his false beliefs about himself and about life one by one.

Helping someone with depression is not about telling him to be positive or to do something new but its about letting him believe that fulfilling that very important desire is still possible.

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