how can friends help with depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can friends help with depression

Depression is a very common mental disorder and each one of us at least knows one person who is depressed that's why its a good idea to know how to deal with a depressed person and how you can help him with his depression.

In this article i will tell you how can friends help with depression.

Helping a depressed friend

Before i tell you how to help a depressed friend you need first to know what depression really is. Everyone says that depression is an imbalance in brain chemicals and that's true but few people try to find out what caused that imbalance.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that when someone loses hope in getting something that he badly wanted he finds himself helpless and becomes depressed. So something has to happen first in order for this chemical imbalance to happen.

So how to help a depressed friend?

  • Don't assume that you are the same!! When trying to help a depressed friend most people make the same mistake of assuming that all people are similar in everything and so they start to give advice such as "be strong" or "cmon that shouldn't make you feel sad". Each person has different levels of endurance, completely different beliefs and different life expectations, by asking someone to be strong you are actually making the mistake of assuming that he thinks just like you
  • Help him get back what he has lost: The best treatment for depression is to help the person get back that thing he wanted badly because if he managed to do that his depression will instantly disappear
  • Help your friend accept what happened if it can't be reversed: There are two ways to help a friend get over depression, the first is to help him get back what he lost and the second is to help him accept what happened if the loss cannot be reversed. Put in mind that acceptance can never happen unless there is really no hope in getting back what was lost else your friend's subconscious mind will think that you are trying to fool him
  • Show him hope: A depressed person feels hopeless and helpless, if you managed to show your friend some hope his depression will ease. Of course you must never do that unless you are sure that what he lost can be brought back. For example if your friend lost his money then you can motivate him to rebuild his wealth and to show him that this is possible
  • Motivate him to exercise but let him know that its not the solution: Exercising improves the mood greatly and reduces depression's symptoms however your friend must be aware that doing so will help him reduce his pain and not solve his problems completely. In addition to motivating him to exercise you need to motivate him to solve his problems

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