How to understand people with depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to understand people with depression

from the outside people with depression appear to be pessimistic ones who are sad for no big apparent reason but from the inside that's not the case.

Why would someone become depressed when he fails to get a certain job while his friend never cares about it?
Why would someone become depressed for no apparent reason while there are others who have bigger problems but didn't become depressed?

In order to answer these questions you need to know how to understand people with depression.

Understanding people with depression by understanding depression itself

Before you can understand people with depression you need to first get a better understanding of depression itself.

Depression just like any other emotion is a signal that your subconscious mind uses in order to notify you about something that is important to you.

When your mind senses danger it will send you the feelings of fear so that it helps you protect yourself, when it finds something important to you it will send you the signal of love in order to bring you closer to it and when it finds that you lost hope in getting something that you badly wanted it will send you the signal of depression!!

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression is a signal sent by your mind telling you that it doesn't care about anything in the world unless you bring it that thing it lost. So depression is some kind of a protest that the brain goes through as a result of losing something precious.

When you see a depressed person you might believe that he has lost nothing important (money or a relative) but when you add self esteem, pride and deep desires to the equation things will become clear.

Depression happens when the person fails to meet an important need

Lets suppose that a child was born in a family that suffered from severe financial insecurity and as a result the child grew up having the same insecurities.

Now if that child failed to reach certain goals that would help him ease his financial insecurity he might become depressed.

This is why you might see that person depressed and in a horrible mood if he was threatened to lose his job.

From the outside he might appear like a pessimist or a person who thinks negatively but from the inside he is unable to satisfy one of the most important needs in his life and that's why he became depressed.

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