What is true happiness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

True happiness vs temporary fixes

Why do you sometimes feel happy for few days then feel bad the rest of the month?
Why do you spend few hours feeling good then remain sad the rest of the day?
Why do happy feelings fade away quickly?

The answer to all of these questions lies in one concept, if happiness fades away quickly then it wasn’t real happiness but it was just the excitement that resulted from a temporary fix that you were using to mask your real emotions.

Traveling somewhere, smoking, all kinds of addiction, doing something new, spending time online,spending good time with friends or playing a game are all kinds of temporary fixes that can help you feel really happy for few hours or days but they will never result in long term happiness.

What is true happiness?

If you lack self confidence then most likely the following situations are going to make you feel real bad 1) rejection 2) criticism 3) jealousy and anything that reminds you of your low self esteem.

If you are emotionally sensitive then most probably you will feel really bad whenever someone criticizes you or hurts you.

If you deal with such problems using temporary fixes then you will never experience true happiness.

True happiness comes when you cure these wounds you are living with in a such a way that you feel happy without the need of a temporary fix. The only way to become truly happy is to go on a quest for healing your inner wounds and fulfilling your unmet needs. (see What causes happiness).

Unmet needs and happiness

If you are living with an unmet goal for example then you might not experience true happiness before you achieve it. Unmet needs are the same as emotional wounds; they make us unhappy all the time and prevent us from achieving true happiness until we fulfill them.

If you have dreams that you never fulfilled, goals that you never achieved or unmet needs that you never met then you can never experience true happiness. If i were to give a universal definition for happiness it would be "A state where all of your unmet needs have been met"

True happiness cannot be achieved through philosophies, positive thinking, affirmations, mind fullness and all of these nice temporary fixes and mind deceiving techniques. (see Do affirmations really work?).

If you have certain emotional wounds and certain unmet needs then using positive thinking to feel good will be the most deceiving technique you ever used in your life and your subconscious mind will scream back at you with more pain.

Fulfill your unmet needs and you will experience a kind of happiness you never experienced before, the real happiness!!

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