Do affirmations work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do affirmations work?

Stand in front of the mirror, straighten you back and keep repeating out loud the following "I am self confident, I am self confident" for few weeks and ......

Nothing will happen!!

The use of affirmations have become very popular in the past few years because of the thousands of personal development websites recommending them but the truth that was discovered is that affirmations never work and that they can even make you feel worse instead of improving your personality or affecting your mood positively.

Affirmations don’t work

An experiment was made by bringing some people who have low self esteem and some people who have high self esteem then both groups were allowed to repeat the same affirmations over and over.

After the experiment was done both groups were asked how they felt and the result was that the confident group felt even more confident right after repeating the affirmations while the group who had low self esteem felt even worse.

Its pretty logical that trying to fool yourself into believing that you are fine while you have serious problems will result in bad feelings. With every affirmation you will be repeating you will get the feeling that you are lying to yourself and hiding the truth.

Confident people felt more confident because they were reminding themselves of the truth but those who had low self esteem felt that they are denying reality and trying to create another one that makes them feel better. (see Lying to yourself).

But affirmations sometimes work!!

Some people say that they feel better right after repeating affirmations and while this can be true in some cases still its effect is temporary and within few days the truth will resurface once again and they will feel bad.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that using affirmations to feel better is like covering your problems with thin sheets of ice that will sooner or later melt leaving behind the real pain.

You can’t build self confidence using affirmations but you can take practical steps to identify the skills that you lack and work on developing them so that you start to really trust yourself instead of fooling it using affirmations. Affirmations makes us believe that we are lying to ourselves, which is a feeling that can never allow us to feel good or confident.

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