How to remain happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to remain happy

Lots of people start to blame their bad luck or the unfairness of life when they feel bad, and while external events can sometimes be the cause of bad feelings still there are many mistakes that people unintentionally do that results in making them feel bad.

Sometimes you are the one who bring yourself the bad moods and the one who results in mood swings. Want to know how? Read this article.

Emotional changes

Our emotions can change in less than a second, I am sure you have noticed your mood swing before from complete happiness to sadness in no time. Our moods usually don’t change except when a trigger activates other emotions, if you learned to avoid these triggers you will be able to increase the length of your happy times. Those triggers are:

  • Music can make you feel bad: Just as music can make you feel good and just as it can be used in therapy, it can also result in severe mood swings in few seconds. A certain phrase in a song can trigger a bad mood if it was associated with any bad event in your mind. If you find yourself feeling good then make sure you pay extra attention to the type of music you are listening to. Don’t listen to a random play list but instead be highly selective in choosing the tracks you listen to in order not to swing your mood.
  • Attracting the bad moods: Suppose that you gained few extra pounds in the past few weeks, any comment about your weight from a friend will most probably result in making you feel bad. Why then wear the clothes that make you appear bigger? Each one of us can manipulate how he looks using the clothes he wears. Only wear the clothes that makes you appear fit until you lose these extra pounds else you will attract critical comments that will make you feel bad.
  • Avoid negative topics and negative people: If you aren’t going to vote on the stimulus package or if the US president isn’t going to take your opinion about fixing the economy then why talk about recessions, slowdowns, unemployment …etc? If you’ve realized that a friend of yours always talks about these topics avoid him/her in order not to catch a bad mood. Of course you should talk about these topics when it’s necessary but what is the use of talking about a recession on Saturday nights??
  • Avoid the news : Want to stay informed? Check the news once a day for few minutes then don’t ever check again it until the next day. In 99% of the times the media will be broadcasting bad news. Why take the risk of feeling bad more than once everyday?

Retain your good mood

Once you find yourself feeling good start paying extra attention to your actions and thoughts in order to prevent this good mood from disappearing or turning into a bad mood.

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