How to stop negative thoughts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop negative thoughts

Before you can stop negative thoughts you must first understand how they originate and how your mind processes them. Negative thoughts never come one by one but instead they come in groups then accumulate together until they result in a mood swing or in worsening your bad mood.

Negative thoughts usually start when a trigger activates them. For example seeing a weight loss medication advertisement while driving you car will remind you of your obesity problem. While external factors can hardly be controlled still the internal factors, such as the way you process these thoughts can be dealt with.

The nature of negative thoughts

Negative thoughts usually arise 1) to remind you of a problem that you aren’t taking actions to solve or 2) a problem that the actions you are taking are not sufficient for solving it.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how reassuring your subconscious mind that your plans will work can help you get rid of depression completely. This means that if you managed to comfort your mind by convincing it that you are working on a plan then the negative thoughts won’t appear and the trigger will just remind you of your plan.

In the last example I mentioned, if the man decided to call the number in the advertisement later, his mind might become convinced that his new plan might work and so the next time he sees something that reminds him of his extra weight he wont feel bad.

Of course this might not be that effective until someone tells him that the doctor he is going to call is an expert in the weight loss field or until anything happens that makes him sure of the doctor he has chosen.

Negative thoughts come in batches

As I said before, negative thoughts don’t come one by one but they come in batches. When the first negative thought appears in your mind you will have sometime to think of a solution or a reply to your mind before the next thought appears.

The thoughts keep appearing one by one and as long as you are providing reassurance to your mind you won’t feel bad. If you failed to reassure it then your mood might swing and you might start feeling bad. The following example will make this clearer:

Your mind: Hey, what’s this advertisement I just saw, its about a new company that hires people, aren’t you bored of your job?
You: I am bored but am taking courses and improving my skills in order to leave as soon as possible
Your mind: what if you didn’t manage to succeed in completing these courses?
You: I have got great study materials
Your mind: but do you have time, aren't you stuck these days?
You: yes, I won’t go out for the next three weekends and i will study instead
Your mind: ok, no need to make you feel bad

So as you saw, if you didn’t manage to provide a good reply to your mind or to your negative thoughts as soon as they appear then you might end up feeling bad.

In simple words, in order to stop negative thoughts you have to do two things, the first is to take actions and to not ignore your problems and the second is to learn how to reassure your mind when the negative thoughts appear.

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