Lose weight without dieting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lose weight without dieting

We all know that most diet programs fail and the main reason this happens is that while dieting the person feels that he has lost his freedom as a result of the restrictions he puts on his life style and eating habits.

One of the common myths surrounding weight loss is that it has to happen through reduction of food intake and even though this method might lead to weight loss still its not the only method. There are lots of other ways for weight loss that are not related to food intake and that are much easier than dieting.

In this article i will inform you about them so that you can lose weight without dieting.

Weight loss tips

  • Sleeping and weight loss:The less you sleep the more likely you will gain more weight. It was even found that sleeping for 6 hours instead of 8 could increase your weight significantly.
  • Emotional eating: Depression, stress, anxiety or fear can be the main reason you are eating and not hunger. Because of the quick fix that happens in the body chemicals as a result of eating many people eat whenever they feel bad and that's one popular reason behind(see binge eating). In such a case its these emotions that need to be dealt with and not your eating habits.
  • The amount of food in your plate: The amount of food in your plate affects directly the amount of food you eat, in my book The ultimate guide to weight loss I explained how filling your plate completely with food can make you feel full much earlier. On the other hand if you ate some of this and a little of that you are likely to eat much more.
  • Eating order: Proteins can make you feel full before you even start eating other types of food. Always start by eating meat, chicken or whatever proteins you plan to eat that day. After you finish the proteins completely move on to the other types of food and you will find that you are eating less.
  • Alcohol : In addition to all the tremendous health issues alcohol causes it stimulates your appetite to eat more and thus it can increases your weight. Avoid alcohol for a better health and body shape.

Life style changes and weight loss

I get emails from people who ask me for how long they should keep exercising in order to lose weight. The problem with this question is that its asked the wrong way.

Its completely OK to want to lose weight quickly but if you believe that you should revert back to your old life style once you have lost weight then you are wrong.

If you did so you will regain the weight you lost in no time. In order to lose weight without a diet you need to make sure that the life style changes you implemented are permanent.

If for example you started running for 3 times each week then this routine must be a part of your new life instead of an activity that is to be stopped when you reach your target weight.

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