How to lose weight naturally

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to lose weight naturally

If you think that you have to be on diet in order to lose weight then you are wrong. just as dieting can help in weight loss there are natural ways that are easier to apply and that aren’t as restricting as dieting.

The two biggest problems diet has is that you will either do it successfully but live bounded by restrictions and so you wont feel good or you will either fail to do it and lose hope.

Natural methods for weight loss impose no restrictions and are more effective than dieting. You just need to have a strong self discipline in order to apply them.

Natural methods for weight loss

The following are natural ways that can help you lose weight faster:

  • Start your lunch by eating proteins, proteins will make you feel full and so you will be less likely to binge
  • Bring a small plate and fill it to the top, you will feel that you ate a lot even if the plate is small as your mind will become convinced that you had enough food
  • Drink in tall glasses and fill them to the top but make sure that the total volume of liquid they store is less than the volume of other glasses. Tall glasses that are full can help you feel full faster. Don’t underestimate the shape of your plate or glass in weight loss. In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss I described how the shape of your plate and your glass can have a dramatic impact on the amounts of food and drinks you consume.
  • Don’t eat in front of the television and don’t eat while doing something else. Make sure that you eat only in a special place dedicated for eating, this will result in less eating
  • Don’t exercise for few weeks or few days then stop. Instead let exercising become a part of your life style and commit to it forever. Your current weight is the resultant of your eating habits and your life style. Any permanent change in your life style will result in a permanent change in your weight.
  • Get enough sleep, it was found that sleeping 6 hours instead of 7 increases obesity risk
  • I know you have seen this one advice in all websites but still it’s a golden advice that can’t be neglected. Keep drinking water as much as you can and its strongly advised that you drink water instead of soda. If you must drink soda then first drink a big glass of water then take a sip of soda you will have the same good feeling and you will become full before you drink too much soda

Final words about weight loss

Weight loss is a process that requires permanent changes to your life style and not just temporary fixes. Lots of people return back to their original weights after dieting because they don’t implement permanent changes in their life styles. Natural methods of weight loss can help you achieve your desired results if you committed to them strongly.

Dealing with the root causes is the only way that will make you lose weight permanently without regaining back your lost weight in few weeks. The ultimate guide to weight loss will give the techniques you need to lose weight without undergoing a diet and without preventing yourself from eating your favorite food.

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