Diet does not work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Diet does not work

Why doesn’t diet always work?
Why do people start diets yet fail to lose weight?

And why do people give up before reaching the ideal body shape they are after?
There are lots of reasons behind the failure of diets, below are some of them:

  • People reach a state where they cant take it anymore and where they cant even hear the word “diet”
  • People feel that they are preventing themselves from doing what they like as if they are in a jail
  • People feel that they are abnormal compared to their friends who don’t diet
  • People incorrectly associate their extra weight with their food intake instead of their eating and exercising habits
  • People undergo extreme diets to the extent that they sometimes faint

What is common between all of those reasons?

All of those reasons may appear as if they are not related but when taking a deeper look at them you will find that they are all connected. All of the previous points involve bad emotions that are associated with diet and dieting and whenever bad emotions show up people start to form anchors and to eventually hate the task they are doing.

Diet is never the solution for weight loss if you are after long term changes in your body shape. Diet can help you for few month or even weeks but eventually you will hate what you are doing then return back to your old eating habits.

Even if you succeeded in following a diet, how will you live for the rest of your life while preventing yourself from doing what you really like to do?

The only long term solution to the obesity problem is to understand the real causes behind your unwanted eating habits instead of blaming your food intake simply because:

  • Some people eat when they feel bored
  • Others eat when they become depressed , stressed or anxious
  • some people have a strong belief that they love food although it’s a false belief
  • some people think that they feel good when they eat although it’s a false belief
  • some people gain weight because they rarely move and not because they eat a lot

This is why diet don't work for you

Dealing with the root causes is the only way that will make you lose weight permanently without regaining back your lost weight in few weeks.

Find out the reasons behind your unwanted eating habits and deal with them. For example if you found that you eat whenever you feel stressed then learn how to deal with stress. After few weeks you will find yourself losing weight even though you didn't follow any diet.

In addition to dealing with your bad eating habits you need to make permanent changes to your life style. I used the word permanent because any temporary change in your life style will result in a temporary change in your body shape. Find a tolerable life style change then stick to it for the rest of your life.

My book The ultimate guide to weight loss will give you the techniques you need to lose weight without undergoing a diet and without preventing yourself from eating your favorite food.

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