How to stop drinking alcohol

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop drinking alcohol

Have been trying to stop drinking alcohol since a long time but you never managed to do it?

I am sure you came across advice such as have a strong will, think about something else or keep yourself busy and i am sure that they never worked for you.

In this article i will tell you how to really stop drinking alcohol by giving you advice that really works.

The right way to stop drinking alcohol

  • Why do you drink alcohol?: What most people don't realize is that they sometimes drink to escape a bad mood, to escape from their unsolved problems and to lift their moods because they are already feeling down!! If you drink alcohol because you are depressed then your focus should be shifted to dealing with depression rather than controlling your alcohol consumption because drinking in this case is just a symptom of the bigger problem which is depression
  • Avoid triggers not the habit itself: What most people do when they try to quit a bad habit is that they do their best to avoid the bad habit itself without realizing that the triggers that remind them of the bad habit should be avoided too. If you smoke whenever you become angry then shouldn't only learn how to stop smoking but you should learn how to avoid getting angry, as much as you can
  • Drinking and coping skills: In my book The ultimate guide to breaking any bad habit i explained how sometimes people do bad habits because they lack coping skills. If a person drinks whenever he becomes worried then this means that this person lacks the necessary skills required for dealing with worrying and so he will never manage to stop drinking before he develops the skills that he lacks.
  • Make life style changes: Some people drink because their life styles always forces them to be in a place where everyone else is drinking. Wanting to stop drinking without thinking about changing your life style is the same as trying not to think about food while sitting in a restaurant
  • I drink because it makes me feel good: That's a famous response i get from people when i ask them why they drink. If you drink because it makes you feel good then you are already feeling bad. Your real world is the one you experience when you are sober and if you need to drink in order to feel good then your real world needs to be changed because after all you can't rely on escaping from your real world in order to feel good

Why do you want to stop drinking?

Lets suppose that you want to stop drinking alcohol because you think that your health is going to be affected. Now that you have found your motive its time to intensify the emotions associated with it.

Search the web for more information about the health effects of alcohol then summarize them in a paper which should be hanged over your bed, in your office and over your desk.
Each time you will see this paper you will become more motivated to quit drinking.

You must put in mind that this method only works because it targets your individual fears, if you don't care about health issues then even if a doctor told you that drinking will kill you still you might not stop.

The key is to find what makes you tick then use it against yourself.

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