How to become more attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become more attractive?

The good news is that you don’t need plastic surgery!!

Contrary to common beliefs your level of attractiveness is not constant but it keeps changing continuously based on your actions, behavior and thoughts.

Research has shown that both men and women can change their perception of someone's attractiveness without any changes happening to his physical looks if few small things that count were changed.

You don’t have to undergo a plastic surgery in order to become more attractive nor you should become depressed if you don’t like your looks simply because your levels of attractiveness can be manually changed.

Tips that can make you more attractive

  • Votes do count!!: A research has shown that a person is perceived to be more attractive if people from the opposite sex were seen to smile to him. This means that when more people smile at you then you will appear more attractive especially if they were from the opposite sex. Being nice never works, but being nice to others work :) (see how can i love my husband again for more information)
  • What makes people attractive?: Attraction happens on the unconscious level which means that logic has nothing to do with the process. Women become attracted to men who posses masculine traits because this gives them the sense of protection they are looking for. This means that making your voice deeper, standing tall, working out to build muscles or stretching your shoulders can make you 10 times more attractive.
  • Colors can change perceived attractiveness: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how wearing certain colors can affect the way people see you and how certain colors can make you more attractive. Research has shown that women who wear red are perceived to be more attractive while men who wear blue are perceived to be loyal and trust worthy and this in turn increases their attractiveness.
  • Self confidence attracts everyone, from friends to potential partners: People who appear to be self assured, who don’t act in a clumsy way and who seem to know their direction in life are perceived to be very attractive by everyone. You wont only attract potential partners by acting confident but you will make more friends and will have more fans.
  • Research has shown that smiling makes people more attractive: An experiment was made and some men were shown pictures of various women. It was found that the smile increased the perceived attractiveness of women who used to look normal
  • Charisma: It was also found that charismatic people are perceived to be much more attractive than normal people. Make sure you walk confidently; maintain eye contact and use the body language confidence gestures (Hands behind back, hands clasped in front of stomach and standing tall)

Attraction and psychology

Each person has a certain way of assessing the attractiveness of others. This way is usually developed as a result of the experiences a person goes through in his life.

If a person was raised without being cared for that much then there is a big possibility that he will be more attracted to kind and nurturing people.

Once you understand the need this person have you can act in a way that makes you appear much more attractive to him. In my book The attraction psychology i explained how you can make people find you much more attractive by just displaying the traits that they are looking for.

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