Changing/Improving Your Looks Without Plastic Surgery (Using Natural Ways)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How did you change your looks?

Y: Hey X you look much better, did you do plastic surgery?
X: No, I just read an article about changing looks without using surgery.
Y: Which article?
X: This one you are reading now :)

Changing Your Looks Without Plastic Surgery

Most people think that changing their looks is impossible without undergoing surgery while in fact that's a limiting belief!

Haven't you ever met a friend who looked really different as a result of a bad mood that he was suffering from? I am sure this happened to you before

Because our emotional and mental state can affect our looks over the long run the looks of that friend changed because of his bad mood.

If this can show anything it would be that changing looks without plastic surgery is completely possible!

How To Change/Improve Your Looks without Plastic Surgery

  • Skin: The looks of your skin reflects the inner health of your organs. Acne and black spots on your face that appear on your face may be an indication of the accumulation of toxins inside your body. By drinking plenty of water each day you can keep your internal organs healthy and so have a better looking skin

    Vitamin C is required for the production of collagen which helps in keeping the skin free of lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is found in oranges, lemons, green peppers, peaches, strawberries, grape fruits and green onions.

    Stress is also a major cause for acne: the more stressed you become the worse will be your looks. On the other hand learning how to relax can help make your skin more clear.

  • Eyes:Puffy eyes dramatically change your looks and erode the beauty of your face. When your body doesn’t receive enough water it starts to store water under your eyes and that's why they become puffy

    Another cause for puffy eyes is not getting enough sleep. By getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day you'll not only look better but you'll also feel more active during the day. Stress is another factor that leads to puffy eyes: the more stressed you become the worse your eyes will look.

  • Face Width: Do you think that your face width can’t be changed? The width of your face changes according to your overall body shape. If you want your face to be thinner then start a diet or do the opposite if you want a broader face
  • Face Muscles: When you smile you use different facial muscles than the muscles used when you frown. The more you use a certain group of muscles the more likely these muscles will change their shape. So the more you smile and the less you frown the happier and the better you will look.

    Do you know that a change in personality can help you change the looks of your face?. Didn't you notice that married couples start to look like each other few years after marriage? What happened? Nothing much, their personalities became more similar to each other and so their faces changed too (check out face reading for more information on this topic).

  • Hair: The first thing you can do to change the looks of your hair is to get a new hair cut. New hair cuts dramatically change people’s looks, so why don’t you try a new one? )

    If you want your hair to look better without changing your hair cut then try to avoid getting too much direct sunlight. You should also avoid stress and make sure you follow a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables, plenty of water and no alcohol or tobacco.

  • Your Body: If you are overweight then here is how to lose weight weight loss tips. If you are underweight then click on the link to know what to do.
  • Overall Looks: Vitamins such as A,B and E contain antioxidants which help your skin look healthy. Fish and eggs contains omega three fats which improves the appearance of hair, nails and skin.

Of course you won't notice the change in a week or two but on the long term you will experience dramatic changes in the way you look especially if followed all of the previously mentioned advice.

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