Ectomorph , Mesomorph and Endomorph Body Types

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Ectomorph , Mesomorph and Endomorph Body Types

A man called William Sheldon did a research on body shapes and types then managed to successfully relate some personality traits to some body types with a great accuracy.

Body types were classified by Sheldon into three major types, Ectomorph (the sensitive), Mesomorph (the balanced) and endomorph (the friendly).

This type of classification was called Somatotyping. Each of the three types have got one very significant trait that differentiate it from the others (the one that is written in between brackets).

the Ectomorph

The Ectomorph has less muscles and relatively lighter bones than the other body types. The nervous system forms a bigger part of the Ectomorph's body compared to the other body types and that's what makes him emotionally sensitive.

You can easily spot an ectomorph by checking for the following: he is slim, his limbs are long, he appears taller than he is, his muscles are much smaller than the muscles of people with other body types and he hardly gains weight by working out or by eating.

The Ectomorph might suffer from emotional problems and mood swings more than the other body types because of his sensitive nervous system.

The mesomproph

The mesomorph is called the balanced because his body is formed of a balanced combination of muscles, bones and nervous system.

The Mesmoprph has an athletic body shape, johnny bravo the famous cartoon character is a typical mesomorph. The mesomorph's body has well-defined muscles and large bones to the extent that people might think that he works out regularly while he might not be doing it at all.

The mesomorph's is balanced, highly energetic, likes sports, adventures and he doesn't have problems in doing tough physical activities.

The Mesomorph is highly tolerant and not that sensitive compared to the Ectomorph.

the endomorph

The body of the endomorph is round and soft. if you want a perfect example of a an endomorph it would be big mama (in big mama's house movie).

A big part of his mass is concentrated in the abdominal area. The hands and feet of the endomorph are relativity small.

The endomorph is very social by nature, fun loving, and relaxed. He loves food (pretty logical) and he usually provides great company.

What is your body type?

In real life there are actually more than three body types as a result of the presence of people who fall in between those major groups. You might not find a perfect mesmomorph but you can find a mesomorph who has some fats like endomorphs and in such a case his body type is a combination of the two body types.

If the person's body is closer to a certain body type then the personality traits associated with that type will be more dominant.

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