How to know someone's personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to know someone's personality

How can you know someone's personality?
With tons of options available these days it becomes frustrating for any person to pick the right method that can help him know someone's personality.

Body language, color preferences and the choices a person makes can help us know more about his personality but still none of these things can help us get a full map of the person's inner works.

In this article i decided to write a general approach that can help you know someone's personality in full details.

The best way to know someone's personality

Before you can learn how to know someone's personality you must first understand few facts about psychology.

While a person's behavior might appear completely odd and meaningless when viewed on its own still it can have a great significance when aligned with the rest of the actions this person takes.

For example a person who spends half of his money to buy a luxurious car might seem irrational and not wise but when connecting this fact with his love to be in the center of attention it becomes clear why he made such a decision.

In order to know someone's personality you must never be judgmental just because you saw something that seemed irrational but instead you must try to align this irrational act with the rest of the actions the person takes.

The past and knowing someone's personality

Its almost impossible to figure out someone's personality without knowing a little about his past. How was that person treated at home? how was his relationship with his siblings?

Some people become overly ambitious because of being the youngest kid in the family. As a result of being the smallest and the weakest the kid develops this ambition in order to feel as powerful as his older brother. After knowing such a fact it becomes clear why would a certain person want to become a billionaire and not just rich.

Of course not every youngest child will become overly ambitious but this example just shows you that knowing someone's personality is impossible without digging in his past.

Dreams and knowing someone's personality

Most people would never talk about their past with you especially if they just knew you but the good news is that their dreams reveal their pasts in a coded format that they don't understand.

That's why most people talk about their dreams freely without realizing that they are giving others the key to understanding their personalities. If you are serious about knowing people's personalities then you must learn how to scientifically interpret dreams.

Final words about knowing someone's personality

Knowing someone's personality is all about connecting the dots. By aligning the person's actions, odd behavior, dreams and early childhood experiences you will be able to get a perfect understanding of that person's personality.

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