Ambitious people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.


Ambition is one of the globally admired personality traits that someone could have. Ambitious guys are usually considered more attractive to girls since they can provide them with a sense of a secure future.

Ambition can also bring you lots of friends and fans because of the continuous achievements you make in your life which usually impresses others.

Just like ambition can stem from having a great big goal or a noble life purpose it can also stem from self doubts and feelings of insecurity.

When ambition goes wrong

Sometimes people become ambitious just to prove to themselves that they can achieve a certain goal. Although this is not bad at all still it reflects some of the self doubts that this person is experiencing. (see Why do people strive for power)

When the source of ambition becomes the desire to please others or to prove to others that you are worthy other than being rooted to your real goals or personal agenda then this is another problem. Again this is not bad at all but still It shows that you are obsessed by the way others think of you.

In both cases the aim is not reaching the goal or making progress in your life but its just proving to others that you are OK. If that's the case then you seriously need to start building self confidence so that people's opinions won't affect you anymore.

Real Ambition

The best type of ambition is when the source of ambition becomes the desire to reach a big goal or to fulfill your life purpose.

Aiming for a big goal for the sake of making a big change in the world is the best type of ambition that you can have because its not rooted to self doubts or to concerns about your image in front of others.

Finally, ambition is always a good trait even if its sources were self doubts and insecurities. It's important to understand the real drive behind your ambition so that you know whether you are on the right track or whether you are just trying to prove something to others (see Why are some people high achievers).

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