Feeling insecure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

feeling insecure?

Are you feeling insecure?
Are you afraid to lose your job?
Are you Always worried about the future of your relation with your partner?
If your answers were yes, then this guide is for you.

Insecurity is the feeling of not being sure about a certain outcome. Insecurity is usually associated with the future. For example, you may be feeling insecure about a future aspect of your life or you may be afraid to lose something that you already own.

examples of situations where you may feel insecure

The following are situations where you could feel insecure:

  • feeling insecure about your job: you may be afraid to lose your current job or you may be afraid to be laid off in a coming downsizing plan. One of the things that can help you eliminate this feeling completely is to have another source of income. 2knowmyslef.com is generating thousands of dollars/month that's why i don't care much about losing my job the same way that other people do, if you can find another source of income then your insecurities will disappear.
  • feeling insecure about a relation: you may be feeling insecure about your relationship with your partner and you may always be thinking of the day this relationship will end.
  • being financially insecure: are always fighting to get more money?
    Are you not sure about your financial future? are you always worried about your future financial condition? if your answers were yes then most probably you are feeling financially insecure.

causes for insecurity feelings

There are many reasons that can make you feel insecure but they are usually the result of one thing which is not being sure of your abilities or not being sure that your life skills can help you solve your future problems. In the first example i mentioned (feeling insecure about your job), do you know what is the main reason behind your insecurity?

It’s just that you are not sure of your skills. You are not sure that your qualifications can get you another job if you were laid off.

The same goes for being insecure about a relation, in that case you may be thinking that you are insufficient for your partner and that sooner or later he will find someone better than you then leave you for him.

Another major reason that can cause insecurity is being raised in an environment full of uncertainty and insecurity. For example most people who are raised in families that suffer from finical problems or families that are constantly worried about money matters become insecure grownups.(Check the guide for raising emotionally healthy children).

I am feeling insecure

In order to deal with your feelings of insecurity you must fight the root cause that made those feelings of insecurity appear in your life.

As i said the major cause for insecurity is not being sure of your abilities and skills. In case your problem was insecurity about a job then you must build the necessary abilities and qualifications that make you feel secure even if you were laid off. Take more computer courses, learn another language or do anything that makes you more confident about your skills.

In case it’s a feeling of insecurity about a relationship then you must build self confidence and improve your self image in order to be sure that your partner wont think about replacing you.

Whatever the situation you feel insecure about building self confidence and collecting the necessary skills that can make you feel sure of your abilities will be enough to eliminate your feelings of insecurity.

Insecurity and depression

In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how ignoring your problems and allowing them to accumulate can be the primary source for depression. Some people face problems as soon as they encounter them while others bury them deeply in their subconscious minds or throw them behind their backs. When they do so their subconscious minds usually respond back with depression.

If you didn't take any actions to deal with your feelings of insecurity then surely you will end up depressed. Depression results from ignoring an issue that is important to you instead of taking an action to resolve it. Never ignore a problem and start dealing with your problems right now.

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