Feeling insecure about your job

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

feeling insecure about your job

If you are constantly worried about the future of your job or if you are always thinking about the problems that will happen if you got laid off then most probably you are feeling insecure about your job.

the main cause for feeling insecure about a job

Suppose you had average skills and qualifications and that you were living in country with an unemployment rate of 10%. What will be the most likely scenario that will happen in case you got laid off?

Most probably finding another job will take much time and you might even fail to find a job!!

But why will it take much time? Simply because you don’t have enough abilities or qualifications. You are an average person when compared to others and that’s why you feel insecure about your current job. You are not sure that your abilities and qualifications can get you somewhere else easily if you lost this job.

I feel insecure about my job, what to do?

Now that you know that the main problem is that you are not sure of your abilities and skills its time to develop those skills to an extent that you feel confident about them and so stop feeling insecure.

The following is a very good plan that will help you get rid of your insecurity about your job:

  • contrary to common beliefs finding a job doesn't only require that you have skills that match the job requirements but instead finding a job requires that you have good communication skills, an ability to write a professional CV , have
    Some Soft skills in addition to meeting the job requirements. Think of the process of finding a job as a multilevel process, if you failed to pass level one(writing the CV) you are less likely to advance to level two (getting the job interview). The more professional you become at those levels the more likely you will be able to find a job
  • Why do you have average qualities?? Why do you have the same skills and qualifications that everyone around you has? Why don’t you consider taking an additional step? For example if you were an accountant why don’t you consider taking the CPA certificate? If you were a network administrator why don’t you consider going for a Cisco or a Microsoft exam? Know that the more skills that you have the less insecure you will feel about about your current job because you will be sure that you will find another one if you wanted.
  • why don’t you go another step further? Learn another language, add another soft skill or improve your computer skills. Finding a job Is like a big competition, the more skills and qualifications you have the larger the number of competitors that you will bypass. The better your ability to get a new job the less insecure you will feel about your current job.

Cut it short

Why not start your own business and get rid of all of these bad feelings? being your own boss, doing what you want and working from home are few of the many advantages of having your own business.

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Did that help?

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