Writing a professional cv (resume writing tips)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Writing a professional CV (resume writing tips)

Your Curriculum Vitae or CV is the first point of contact between you and your employer. writing a professional CV will certainly increase your chance of getting of a job. however before you learn how to write a professional CV you must first get rid of some false beliefs surrounding CV writing:

  • CV should only include your work experience or info about your field of study: This is wrong, your CV should be comprehensive in order for it to be a professional one. Your CV should give the employer a good idea about your personality, your studies, what you can do (your skills), your hobbies and even your social activities.
  • A professional CV is not important: One of the biggest false beliefs about Cv writing is that some people think that the CV is not that important compared to their performance in the job interview . That’s totally incorrect too, getting a job is a process that involves many variables such as your communication skills, your education and experience, your CV and your ability to leave a positive impression in the job interview. Job hunting is one big system formed of many items, the more powerful the items that you have the more the whole system will become stronger and the bigger will be your chance of getting the job. so while writing a professional CV isn't the only step required to get a job still ignoring such a step can reduce your chance of getting the job
  • The first impression about you is formed when you go for the interview: This is not true too. The first impression is formed about you when your CV is viewed and then another impression is formed about you when you arrive to the interview (that will either support the first impression or erase it). That's why writing a professional CV is extremely important

How to write a professional curriculum vitae(cv)

The following are steps that will help you write a professional CV:

  • A professional CV must be divided into sections, for example:
    • personal information (your name,address,phone number..etc)
    • education (what you have studied in addition to any additional courses)
    • work experience (in case you have worked before)
    • spoken languages: all of the languages that you speak
    • your computer skills, personal skills or any other skills
    • hobbies and interests: This will help the interviewer know what kind of person you are
  • although some companies do require a photo with the CV still I don’t recommend adding one Simply because if the person who will sort the CVs have got a know someone who likes like you he might assume that you both have the same personalities
  • Let your information fit into 2 pages. This is how a professional CV should be. There is big problem in writing more than 2 pages if you have real skills and additional information that are really important.
  • Write only the things that you are sure of. If you studied something but can't remember anything about it then it might not be a good idea to write it because if the interviewer asked you about it you might not get the job. A professional CV should contain all the things you have learned and that you still remember
  • A professional CV should contain no grammar mistakes or typo errors. Review the CV many times in order to make sure that there is no grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes or typs because if the interviewer any of these you might not get the job
  • your professional CV should be full of information because the employer wont be interested in someone who has no additional skills. The interviewer wants to see something different in order to be impressed.
  • don’t write long phrases but write brief lines. One thing that can make your Cv look really professional is using bullets

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