anchors and looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

looks anchor

An anchor is the situation where two different events become connected in your mind so that when one of them happens it reminds you of the second.

An example of an anchor is remembering an old memory when you hear a certain Song. But what has anchors to do with looks?

In fact you could remember a person when you see someone who looks likes him and even assume that they both have the same personality!!

An example of looks anchor

for example suppose that you knew someone who was very nice to you and that you liked him. Next time when you meet someone who looks like that person you may automatically like him even if he didn't do anything good to you.

In that case the person's looks were anchored to the deeds of the other person who was nice. That's why some people hate other people without even talking to them and that's one of the reasons love at the first sight exists.

That's why someone may dislike your looks although you don't look bad. Its just happened because of his own background and past experiences and not because of your looks.

Self image problems and looks anchor

Many people who are already attractive suffer from a self image problem or even believe that they are ugly.

By understanding a concept such as looks anchor you can conclude that even if someone told you that he doesn't like your looks still it doesn't mean that you look bad at all.

The problem might be with his perception and not your looks.

Child abuse and being haunted by the past

Some of the people who suffered from child abuse start seeing their abusers everywhere. Because the minds of those people think that people who look alike act the same they sometimes feel insecure around those who remind them of their abusers.

A guy who was bullied by his classmates might actually feel threatened whenever he comes across any person who resembles them in a way or another.

Learning how to fix these perception problems is a very important step in healing many of the psychological wounds you might be suffering from.

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