Reasons For Loving Somone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reasons For Loving Someone

Why do we fall in love with some people and not others?
Why would a person find someone attractive yet his friends find him totally unattractive?

Some people think that love happens for no reasons or when souls meet but science has shown that there are rules that govern the process. If you understood them you wont just be able to understand how love happens but you will also be able to make people fall in love with you. (see my bookHow to make someone fall in love with you)

There are many reasons that could make you fall in love with someone. These reasons include:

1) Similar looks: That person looks like someone that you loved before or someone you still love. For example you might fall in love with a girl who looks like your mother if you were a guy or fall in love with someone who looks like your father if you were a girl. Of course that person is not going to match your parent's looks perfectly but some facial traits will be common between them both that only your subconscious mind will notice.

You may fall in love with someone just because he looks like someone you hurt before. In my book How to get over anyone in few days i pointed out how guilt can be one of the reasons that prevents you from getting over a person you love. In such a case dealing with guilt can be the solution to getting over that person.

2) Unmet needs: You might fall in love with someone if he has got something that you miss or that you need. For example a dark guy may be attracted to a light skinned girl,a girl who has low self confidence might be attracted to someone who is assertive and confident. This is a healthy mechanism because it leads to more balanced children. If this was the only reason people fall in love then every generation was going to be more balanced than the one before it but there are many other rules.

3) Similarity: Similarity results in attraction if the person was similar to you in the things you consider important. For example if someone shares your same beliefs then attraction is more likely to happen. For example a religious guy would be more interested in a girl who has some kind of connection to religion.

4) Opposites attract: From points 2 and 3 we can conclude that each person will be looking for traits that are opposite to the ones he dislikes about himself and that are similar to the ones he likes about himself. (see love and compensation)

You loved that person with your mind

So after all it's your mind that determines whether you are going to love someone or whether you are going to hate him.

Emotions come into play after your mind has taken the decision to love the person. People think that love is mysterious and that its a random process that follows no rules while in fact the process of falling in love is as organized as any other process.

Of course the previous four reasons weren't the only reasons for love and certainly there are lots more but those were the major four categories under which most reasons for falling in love fall. The below links will take you to pages that will help you know a lot more about the psychology of falling in love and the reasons we love certain people and not others.

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