Why Can’t I Love Someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Can’t I Love Someone?

Why do some people never fall in love?
I usually get questions from readers asking me why can't they love someone even if he loves them back.

Just like any other strange behavior, understanding the root cause behind it from a psychological perspective can make it appear pretty logical.

In this article i will tell you some facts about the psychology of falling in love what would help you understand why do you rarely fall in love.

The Reasons You Rarely Fall In Love

  • You Lack external dependency: External Dependency is the act of being dependent on other factors or objects in order to feel happy or to escape from your bad moods. just like some people escape to drugs in order to feel happy others escape to love in order to escape bad moods. If you don't fall in love often then this might mean that you don't escape to relationships whenever things go wrong and that you only fall in love with someone when you really want him
  • You are visual: According to the psychology of love people fall in love with someone when he matches certain criteria present in their brain called the subconscious criteria. If you were a visual person or someone who makes judgments based on looks ( seevisual representation system) then most probably you won't fall in love with someone unless he/she is good looking. Of course there might be lots of good looking people around but you won't fall in love with them before they meet your other criteria.
  • Your unconscious criteria is very tight: People Fall in love without understanding why but in fact that only happens when someone matches their unconscious criteria . If your criteria was very tight or if you had unrealistic expectations about your future partner then you might find it hard to find someone who appeals to you
  • The power of solitude: Some people can't stay alone and always need to be with someone else. On the contrary people who have the power of solitude may even enjoy staying alone and that’s why some of them rarely fall in love

Final Words about not falling in love

Any behavior that appears strange can be easily interpreted once you get enough self understanding.

There was a woman who used to fall in love only with weak men without knowing why but when her past was examined it was found that she grew up in a house where her mother was the dominant figure and that's why she grew up believing that gaining control over her husband is the only way to have a healthy family.

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