Why do we like certain people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do we like certain people

Why do we like certain people and not others?
Why do we like certain things and hate other things?

Some people say that likes attract but that's not always the case as we sometimes become attracted to our opposites. But again if opposites attract then why do we like certain people who are like us?? (see Do likes attract)

In this article i will answer all of these questions and tell you why do we like certain people.

The reason why we like certain things and certain people

Tom, not a real name hates suits from the bottom of his heart. He even decided to quit his first job just because he was forced to wear a suit. When looking at his behavior from the outside most people will say that he is mad but when looking deeper into his mind you will find that his actions make all the sense in the world.

Tom was an only child who was pampered and given all what he asked for. Because of the way he was raised he started to value freedom and hated being controlled or forced. On the other hand when he was young he used to wear large glasses which made his classmates make fun of him and call him Geeko.

Now when tom grew up he unconsciously hated school uniforms and suits because they remind him of his geek identity that he hated. On the other hand valuing freedom made him hate ties because they didn't allow him to feel free.

Now from this example its clear why we like certain things, as you just saw, tom hated suits because they reminded him of something that he hates and took him away from something that he values.

This is why we like certain people

The same exactly goes for liking certain people. We like people who remind us of the things that we like about ourselves and who pull us away from the things we hate about ourselves.

That's why a shy and beautiful girl might become attracted to a confident and attractive man.

We like certain people when we find in them a mixture of the things that we like about ourselves and the opposite of the things we hate about ourselves.

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