How to make people like me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make people like me

We All want to be liked by people but some of us believe that being liked by someone is something that is completely out of our hands.

While there are some factors that can't be controlled such as the person's past relationships with those who look like you still there are other factors that can be controlled in order to make a person like you.

In this article i will tell you how to make people like you by utilizing one of the findings of a recent research.

I don't know why i like you

An experiment was conducted by bringing a group of people and showing them repetitive images of pokemon characters appearing fast on a computer screen.

One of the characters was constantly accompanied with positive words on the screen such as success and another character was constantly accompanied with negative words or even negative images such as the image of a cockroach.

After the experiment the group were asked to tell how much they liked each character and the result was that all of them liked the first character and didn't like the second! (the one associated with the negative words and images)

That's not everything, the participants weren't even aware of the fact that the images and the words had anything to do with either liking or hating the character.

Its clear that we could like a person just because he makes us feel good and that we could hate a person just because he makes us feel bad. (see Why do i hate my job)

How to make people like you

So how to make people like you?
Its as simple as making people experience pleasant emotions while you are around them.
But you must put something in mind, every and each person has a different set of beliefs about the world and what would make Sam feel good might never make Sarah feel good.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that being liked is not about telling jokes all the time, being kind or respecting others but its all about finding what makes a person tick then using it to make him feel good.

Some people love humor
others just want to feel important in order to feel good
a third group might just want someone to listen to them in order to feel good

if you want someone to like you then find out what he needs, give it to him and he will feel good around you and then will like you without understanding why it happened.

Understand people's core needs

Each and every person has some important core needs that he tries to satisfy every single day. Some people have the need to attract attention, others have the need to be loved while some others might have the need of feeling good about themselves.

This is why learning how to understand people on a deeper level is crucial to making them like you.

It's not just about broadcasting universally good traits to people but it's all about broadcasting to people what they really want to see.

Let them feel safe around you

When i talked about Friendship psychology earlier i said that people like the ones they feel safe around. In other words if your attitude made people feel uncomfortable then certainly people won't like you.

There are so many things that could make a person feel uncomfortable around you such as speaking too little, remaining silent, having a poker face, asking personal questions or being nosy.

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