How to make people respect you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make people respect you

An experiment was carried out by a scientist who told the subject that he will be in charge of an electric shock switch with variable voltage that will be used to punish another subject in case he answers the questions presented to him incorrectly. The scientist told the subject that the purpose of the experiment was to determine the effect of punishment on memory.

With every question incorrectly answered by the second subject the first one was asked by the scientist to give him a higher voltage shock.

The first subject kept raising the voltage level of the electric shock whenever told by the scientist until it reached 450 volts where he was asked to stop!!

The first subject must be cruel enough to torture the other one with 450 volts, right?

We follow Authoritative people

Actually the person being tortured was an actor and the real purpose of the experiment was to find out to what extent will the subject holding the switch follow the orders of an Authoritative person (in this case the scientist) !!!

Almost 2 thirds of the subjects kept raising the voltage until it reached 450 volts!!

This shows that we tend to follow people who tend to look Authoritative or confident even if we were unsure of the outcome.

How to put this together to make people respect you

But what does this has to do with making people respect you???
As the results of the experiment states, if you managed to appear in control, confident and Authoritative then people won’t only respect you but they will also follow you. This means that you are the one who can choose whether to make people respect you or not based on your actions.

When someone’s sees you for the first time the impression he forms of you will usually be based upon his past history in dealing with people who looked like you but no one can assume that you are worthy of respect unless you tell them!! (see Don't be mistaken by the first impression).

You don’t have to tell them using words but your body language, your assertive tone, your posture and your clothes can all reflect a level of authority that can make people respect you.

People will respect whomever tells them that he is worthy of respect, how come you are feeling bad because people aren’t respecting you while you didn’t tell them anything yet?

Go now and speak, walk and talk with authority and people will be forced to respect you.

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